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  1. AJT

    Mopar oil filter or Mobil 1?

    Its been a while since I changed my oil, trying to remember if the Mopar oil filter is recommended or the Mobil 1? Thanks, Andy
  2. AJT

    Clutch question on RT 10

    I dropped my car off at dealership to replace leaking rear main seal & when I went to pick it up the clutch pedal goes halfway to the floor before it engages. When I dropped it off it had pressure as soon as I started to push pedal, full pressure the length of the push. The dealership states...
  3. AJT

    Do you recognize the manufacturer of these cats?

    Time to get car inspected. I thought my high flow cats were Random tec metal substrate, but not sure. Below is a couple pics. Not sure if there was more "stuff" inside when they were new, or if they are still complete. i do not want to go thru the hassle of putting on bad cats. Any...
  4. AJT

    Cut those handles off your garage door opener

    It's been a couple yrs since i posted this. Cut the handles off your garage door openers. With a coat hanger you can reach in from outside & pull, releasing the door to pull up easy. Your baby is now in the open. Cut the hadles off . My .02 Andy
  5. AJT

    Ferrari & Lamborghini owners I need your input

    I have a post in the sneaky pete forum, although I don't think as many people go to that forum. If you can help, please look at my post over there. Thanks Andy
  6. AJT

    Check this out, & its got 100 extra hp. for only 80K

    NEIMAN MARCUS TO LAUNCH THE 2008 NEIMAN MARCUS SPECIAL EDITION HENNESSEY VENOM 700NM ON MARCH 19TH AT THE 2008 NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW DALLAS, TEXAS (March 9, 2008) - Neiman Marcus Direct announced today that it is partnering with Hennessey Performance Engineering to introduce...
  7. AJT

    Engine experts I have a question.

    Although this is not a viper motor, one of my friends had a engine failure in a GT. Can you tell what happened by the picture?
  8. AJT

    Does anyone have the video of "Jeremy Clarkson tests Dodge Viper SRT10"

    Does anyone have the video of \"Jeremy Clarkson tests Dodge Viper SRT10\" "Jeremy tests out the redesigned Dodge Viper SRT10. Then does the most creative burnout of all time." I used to have it & now Utube says its unavailable. Anyone here have it? Thanks Andy
  9. AJT

    Why do aftermarket rims = lowering the car

    I always wondered, my 02 doesn't have a noticeable wheel gap with factory rims. Everyone that gets aftermarket rims seems to have the "4 wheel drive look" unless they lower. Is that because it is just more noticeable, or optical illusion?? I would like to get some HRE's,but I don't want to...
  10. AJT

    Drivers dor will not open from the inside??

    I just swapped out an older Kenwood stereo for a newer one & now my drivers door will not open from the inside?? It opens from the outside, just not inside. Any opinions?? Thanks Andy
  11. AJT

    Drivers side window will not roll down??

    I have an 02 RT. Anything common for a drivers window not going down. I already swapped switch & it works on pass side but not drivers? Thanks Andy
  12. AJT

    Houston Viper owners check out post

    Just in case GenII guys don't look over at the GenIII section, there is a thread going over there about the Houston VCA. Andy
  13. AJT

    How come forum name has disappeared from the bottom of the page?

    After you read a thread you have to go back to the top to read other threads. Didn't we used to have forum name at the bottom so you could toggle back to the forum without haveing to go the the top??
  14. AJT

    My new 8" sub box for my RT 10

    My new 8\" sub box for my RT 10 I know some guys don't care about their stereo, but some of us do. This 8" pounds way better than the 6" that I had. Here is a pic. Andy
  15. AJT

    Did anyone else get a survey from Dodge emailed to them?

    I just want to know if it is legit? Thanks Andy
  16. AJT

    Do you have to remove the rocker arms to get to the head bolts?

    Just curious, its a 02. Thanks Andy
  17. AJT

    Berli's, a fantastic paint & body shop in Austin.

    Berli\'s, a fantastic paint & body shop in Austin. I had a paint bubble problem that Bill Pemberton came to the rescue on. I thought I would share my experience. Bill sent me to Berli's in Austin, which was a fun 200 mile drive from Houston. First of all he owns 3 Vipers & was...
  18. AJT

    Northwest Dodge Houston Service Nightmare - Bill Pemberton to the rescue!!

    In 2002 I bought my Viper from Bill Pemberton at Woodhouse Dodge & he shipped it to Houston. After talking to Bill he wanted me to send him a email with my problem. Here is a copy. Dear Bill, I wanted to write you a letter discussing my visit to Northwest Dodge in Houston Texas. I took...
  19. AJT

    Need part # for Mopar Performance Wires

    I called my local Dodoge dealer & they said that they only showed performance wires up to 2001. Does anybody have the part # for a 2002 RT? I would think it would be the same, but I don't know. Thanks Andy
  20. AJT

    Houston Viper owners, who are you using for service?

    I need some service on my viper & I was wondering if anyone used Allen Samuels? Anyone else? Thanks Andy
  21. AJT

    Aftermarket product for your Viper you wish someone would make.

    Who knows, maybe this will spark a new product. I wish someone would come up with a way to make the A/C & heat come out of any vent you wanted at variable temperatures. Like them expensive cars have!
  22. AJT

    Service from DLM

    I just wanted to share my experience with service from Doug Levin with everybody & especially to the newer guys that may not know of him ,yet. I had a idler pully freeze up on my DLM car last weekend and it scared the Sh** out of me. It sounded like the starter was engaging while the motor...
  23. AJT

    Houston Viper Club Meeting Meeting Sunday!

    In case someone does not know, Sunday 1:00 pm Dave & Busters. Andy
  24. AJT

    Houston Viper Club. *** REST IN PEACE ** Since Prashant left, not much happening here??? Money is ******* somewhere??? Seems like a lot of leftover politics from the last reign. Andy
  25. AJT

    Do you have high Res. pictures of Viper that I can **** up to 20" X 16/2"?

    Do you have high Res. pictures of Viper that I can **** up to 20\" X 16/2\"? My wife gave me one of those vending machines that hold beer from Home Depot for my Birthday. The front holds a picture printed on thin white plastic. I have a friend that can print my picture on plastic &amp...