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    Viper Purchase Without Physically seeing or test driving. Advice?

    Sight unseen (besides pictures of course), no test drive, paid in full before it was shipped to my door. Wouldn't do it again just because it left a sour taste. I had an inspection done by a Viper Tech and he highlighted some stuff but not all. For most of us, buying a viper is potentially a...
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    Viper Color Contest

    I think my submission had something to do with Bleu cheeses. Like Bleu Cream or something. Yeah, not the greatest, but way more creative than those three.
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    I can't put my finger on what it is, but I really like this shot! Very complimentary to the car.
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    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    For me, besides money, there is nothing. If I was in a financial position to buy one I would. If I had the money and were able to change one thing, hmm... Probably unlock the PCM. I wouldn't use the feature, but I would love to post videos of those who would use an unlocked PCM for bragging...
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    Can SRT learn from Alfa Romeo?

    Evora is bigger and heavier, a 2+2 with a V6 and luxurious interior (for a sports car) - The 4c an Elise fighter (though, Elise is not available in US anymore...)
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    Got To Tour CAAP and Prefix

    With due respect, can we just let that die already? I, and many others, have seen the paint fixtures in person. This is not to mention that this supposedly red primer front end has jagged edges that would never make it to production and no means to mount it to a chassis, as there is no depth to...
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    Got To Tour CAAP and Prefix

    For grins and giggles, and since its so gorgeous, I threw it in a photo editor and quickly changed it to blue. Very cool as well, but if you're the owner I think you are making the right choice in red!
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    As well it should! :headbang:
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    Got To Tour CAAP and Prefix

    To hold the font bumper during painting. For the record, I also love that stryker red car an interior. Stunning!
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    Got To Tour CAAP and Prefix

    I toured the plant as well, but own a Gen III. Even though it was tooled up for Gen V builds, it made my Gen III ownership experience very special. If I was buying a Gen V new, I would LOVE to see my car on the line & would pay extra to do so.
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    New viper owner WI

    Racine, WI here. I'm also 'younger' at 25, soon 26. Ownership is quite an experience outside of the insane ride - the way people look/treat you. It will be quite a drive for you, but the Illinois region Viper guys are a blast and well worth the haul, I've already made quite a few friends...
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    Gen V ACR performance speculation...

    Well said. However, learning about the trials and tribulations that took place to get the record that second time (as read from Maurice's book) I'm wondering if they could even squeeze more out of what they have.
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    Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Aution next week 3 Vipers on the aution block.

    Looks like a 2002 FE is on there too. Also a blue Superbird... Drool!
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    Riddle - What do you get when you mate a SSG Viper & a SSG KIA Soul?

    I guess I should start buying stock in DuPont... Or do you use PPG Paint? I like it! Well, I like two of those cars a lot more than the third but I like the matching color :)
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    Obscene offers???

    Only 15? I tracked all Gen III/IV vipers that were on sale on craigslist, ebay, autotrader, and other sources for two months. That beast of a spreadsheet told me everything I needed to know about every one of those cars: how much more to save up to afford, how much payments would be, etc. etc...
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    Viper TA Article

    Good 'ol first world problems. haha! I wish I could sell my soul, because I would for an orange TA.
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    Pics of your viper with your daily driver

    That is the most fitting screen name for that picture! :rolaugh: Quite the american dream you drive there! I like it.
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    Track Day Insurance

    When the IL club goes racing, do many (any?) of you purchase track day insurance? I understand that most insurance companies won't honor claims made due to racing, and that there are opportunities out there to purchase single day insurance made specifically for track racing. Does anyone have...
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    Where does the Il chapter stand on the recent VCA implosion?

    They are definitely being watched... Closer than you think. Our chapter president has our best interest in mind, unlike the people causing this turmoil.
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    Gen V ACR

    For some reason, I just really like the idea of active aero. Always has been a interesting thing to me (after all, I am an engineer) The Gen IV ACR was very sucessful - follow that recipe! They will want to sell GT3-R's so don't expect the Gen V ACR to be a spec racer all set up for track-only...
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    He is a very pessimistic and Debbie downer kind of guy, he frequents many forums and says many of the same "Chrysler *****" stuff. Not calling him a troll per se, just maintains a very negative outlook.
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    Milestone - Gen II GTS

    I remember us talking about your high miles! Congrats on 100k! All of your stickers are enjoyable. Keep those coming too!
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    I can sleep at night if the P1 is faster than even a Gen V ACR around the ring.
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    pics from my long vacation

    Incredible! I'm very jealous & happy for you... How did you manage to meet a random Viper owner?! I have a feeling I'll be in NYC on vacation sometime soon. My friends and I talk about going to Germany in 2014, but I'm not sure if it will pan out. These pictures are really neat to see...