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    Viper to be canceled and new Viper to come in 2012

    Caught this on Autoblog and was surprised nobody posted it yet. Check out the article. Let the speculations begin! BREAKING: Dodge to end Viper production in July 2010, new car in 2012 — Autoblog
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    Anyone have a picture of Teamtech harnesses in a Gen I/II?

    Like the title says, I am looking for a picture of Teamtech 5 or 6 point harnesses installed in a Gen I or Gen II. Thanks in advance guys!
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    Finally got to drive a Viper for the first time!

    On Tuesday night, there was a nice run out to dinner with the local car guys. The meeting spot was determined and I headed out with myself in my M3, my brother in his RT/10, and a friend with his Mustang. We met up at Bentley/Lamborghini of Long Island to meet up with another Viper and a Ferrari...
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    An already rare color combination just made even rarer...

    Was just browsing eBay and came across this one. I know that there were very few Red/Black stripe SRT-C's produced and it is a shame to see one in this shape. Only 1100 miles to boot. :( eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 140196202708 end time Jan-10-08 20:28:36 PST)