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  1. Andrew/USPWR

    Who needs a Bra?

    I've got a black bra I used on my 2000 GTS back in the day if anyone can use it. I know it's a little old school but great for bugs on long trips. Just pay shipping and it's yours. PS. If I had a 3rd garage I'd still own a Viper after my 2000 GTS and 2005 SRT/10. Fantastic rides and bullet...
  2. Andrew/USPWR

    2005 Service Manual for sale.

    Not sure what it's worth but it's the big one from Dodge that's over 2'' think, I see them online for $150-$50. Anyone in need I'm just looking for a fair price but shipping. It's in great shape. Andrew Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but didn't see any in classified's
  3. Andrew/USPWR

    Put the Viper motor in the 300.

    Anybody else think they should put the Vipers V10 in the Chrysler 300 SRT? I never got putting the Viper motor in the truck but the 300 would be badarse.
  4. Andrew/USPWR

    Any photos of the other exterior colors yet?

    All I can find is: The 2013 SRT Viper will be available in Black or Adrenaline Red as standard colors while the options of Race Yellow, Bright White, Shadow Blue Pearl, and Gunmetal Pearl are available for an upcharge with optional stripes in Black, Billet Silver, or Gunmetal. The 2013 SRT...
  5. Andrew/USPWR

    Gen III booster seat 4sale

    Hey Guys, Sold the Viper and have this seat pad custom made for the wife. It's 3.25" thick and made of the same gray fabric that our seats are made of. If someone has a vertically impaired wife and need one let me know. I cost me $250 to have it made but just let me know if you need one and...
  6. Andrew/USPWR

    Best site for selling Viper

    Looking to sell my silver 05 vert and just wondering which site you guys have the best luck on. I know I can put it on here, and will just not sure how much traffic it gets from buyers. thanks
  7. Andrew/USPWR

    Next viper interior

    Word on the street is it's going to be really Fantastic. Better than Corvette, Aston Martin or Lambo.:headbang: 2nd only to the Ferrari but not by much. I know somebody that knows a guy.:D Order now. Avoid the rush.
  8. Andrew/USPWR

    Rattling Clutch Issue

    Anybody have this issue? 2005 SRT/10 with 17k miles: After I've spent 30min or so on a highway and stop at a light, if I put it in neutral and let the clutch out I get a terrible rattling noise from the engine compartment. As soon as I push the clutch in it goes away.:dunno: I don't feel it...
  9. Andrew/USPWR

    Oil on Vert top:-(

    Any tips on getting oil off of a convertible top? I think my overhead garage door dripped some oil on it and just wanted to make sure I don't make it worse trying to clean it off. Thanks
  10. Andrew/USPWR

    Could this be our next Viper?

    Or is this old news? The car looks sharps and is powered by a 8.4L V10:2tu: 2010 Devon GTX Images, Pricing and News (Devon Motorworks) | Devon GTX: The Next American Supercar? - Wide Open Throttle - Motor Trend Magazine Devon GTX Sets One-Lap Record at Laguna Seca -...
  11. Andrew/USPWR

    In search of an 09 Graphite coupe

    fyi- I’m looking for a 2009 Metallic Graphite coupe with, no-stripes and solid black interior if anyone has one they want taken off their hands. I see ACR's for sale but not any SRT's.
  12. Andrew/USPWR

    Sticky shifter = New transmission?

    I took in my 05 viper in last week for an oil change and some other stuff. I mentioned to the mechanic that after coming back from a 3 week vacation, when I went to drive the Viper I noticed the shifter was very tough to change gears. They feel it my be due to a different type of transmission...
  13. Andrew/USPWR

    ACR-X pics of test & tune in WPB

    I checked out the new ACR-X being tweaked for those few lucky buyers. url=][/url]
  14. Andrew/USPWR


    I know I've done this post myself but I'm no good which this forums search so here I go again:smirk: Dead battery after only a year and the car won't open:mad: Lock under door not turning and I just forgot how to get the car/trunk open to replace the battery again. Help:dunno:
  15. Andrew/USPWR

    Decision decision.......

    I have a dilemma, My wife has decided that our 515hp convertible is not enough HP or her 7 mile, 35mph trek to work.:dunno: God I love this women of mine.:D So I’m looking to pick up a used graphite, 2009 early next year. My dilemma is she really wants another vert and I’m having a hard time...
  16. Andrew/USPWR

    Cracked windshield

    Tried to avoid replacing the windshield by sealing the crack but it still shows. Any heads up before I have it replaced? Anything I should make sure they do or don’t do?
  17. Andrew/USPWR

    Which wiper blades

    Which wiper blades are you guys using to replace the stock ones? I use PIAA's on everything else but they don't make blades for gen III,
  18. Andrew/USPWR

    2nd power steering issue in less than 3yrs

    Is there an issue with Gen III power steering? I had the power steering pump replaced in June of 06 and now after having the pulley and tensioner replaced for another issue, the power steering is leaking again. wth It only has about 14k miles on it.
  19. Andrew/USPWR

    Can the wax get removed from plastic molding?

    Don't know if you guys have covered this but, I've got a Z71 Suburban with the plastic wheel well cover and they have gotten wax on them that I never seem to get off. Has anybody solved this problem with wax on black plastic?
  20. Andrew/USPWR

    What tires are Gen III's owners buying now?

    I just learned they're no longer making the Michelin run-flats pilot sports. Is Dodge now telling us to go with the PS2's? When the PS2's first came out they were saying genIII owners should stay with the runflats. And does that mean we need to buy the flat tire kit to carry around?:rolleyes:
  21. Andrew/USPWR

    wsj: Rethinking the Halo Car

    When Chrysler got into trouble during the early 1990s, the company reached into its bag of tricks and produced an outrageous car called the Dodge Viper............. Can Chevrolet's Volt and Toyota's Prius Replace the Dodge Viper as Halo Cars? - Let me know if you guys can open...
  22. Andrew/USPWR

    Sounds like finches living under my hood

    Has anybody else ever had this issue? When the engine is cold I get this chirping sound from under the hood for about 5-10min, or until it warms up. The chirping increases and decreases with the RPM’s. Seems like it would be the power steering but, it was replaced about a year ago. I’d...
  23. Andrew/USPWR

    VCA Corral Sebring. Request lines are now open.

    Who's signed up yet?:2tu: Post from "General Viper Discussion" Quote: SEBRING: We have carved out a deal with Sebring Raceway for the 12 hours of Sebring March 18-21, 2009. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF WE HAVE GOOD PARTICIPATION. The local Central and North Florida club can not afford this...
  24. Andrew/USPWR

    VCA corral at Sebring. Be there or be square.

    Who's signed up yet? Fantastic way to see the races and great location. :2tu: Post from "General Viper Discussion" Quote: SEBRING: We have carved out a deal with Sebring Raceway for the 12 hours of Sebring March 18-21, 2009. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF WE HAVE GOOD PARTICIPATION. The local...
  25. Andrew/USPWR

    My **** is getting sticking

    My shifter is getting harder to shift into gears lately. It feels like the oil has thickened. Is there any grease fitting for the shifters? It's a stock 05.