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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    If anyone would like to meet Mike and I, we are meeting at 7:30 behind the New Canaan town hall. This should be a great car show, the final of the season. Probably more than Dennis
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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    Mike, We can meet behind the old town hall on main st. 7:30. Dennis
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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    Do you guys want to meet in New Canaan so we can park together ? I live there and could meet you in town maybe behind the town hall or I could merit you off of the parkway or. 95 depending on your route. I am thinking 7:30. Dennis
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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    Anyone up for an early morning car show in New Canaan? Nov.3rd 7:30 am ending early morning. This is the last of their shows. Sometimes 500 cars. I didn't make the last one but am going to this show. It would be cool to see. 6 or more Vipers there. A great way to start a Sun. Morning! Dennis B
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    Hey Chuck, I will be there. I told Ed to count me in. Dennis
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    Count me in Chuck, see you at the shop. Dennis
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    Caffeine & carburetors - Sept 8th New Canaan, CT

    Hey, I have been to this event a number of times. I have yet to see a Viper there. Maybe nice to meet in town so you guys can park together. I would love to go but have a wedding in Vt. Great idea Steve. This is a great event, mostly Ferrari's and Lambos,although there are more and more...
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    Splash CT Brunch Cruise Aug. 4th 2013

    Re: more splash pics from J & J Hi, if anyone is feeling a little off after the brunch read the article in today's "New Canaan Daily Voice" about local shellfish. I know I I stopped after a few dozen. Brunch was great! Dennis
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    Splash CT Brunch Cruise Aug. 4th 2013

    Jimmy, is it to late for me to sign on? Dennis
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    July 4th - 6th ALMS @ Lime Rock Park, Corral & Info

    Tony I am in. I did check , and it seems they are NOT accepting YELLOW Vipers in the Coral at this time. They are trying to have the "best looking car coral on the field" Dennis
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    NEVCA - Gun Shoot - June 29th

    Thank you Mark & Francine for an unbelievable day. I know this took alot of planning and work, not to mention cost. This will be a tough event to beat. Also thanks for allowing my son Rob to be included in the event. This was well worth the 3 and 1/2 hr drive. I put on 500 miles on my new...
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    June 7th-9th: 2013 NorthEast Zone Rendezvous

    Great pics Ed, did the video come out of my 360? Hey nice looking red RT. Dennis
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    Sycamore cruise

    Hey, Is the Sycamore cruise still on for Sat. Afternoon? Anyone going? Dennis
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    June 7th-9th: 2013 NorthEast Zone Rendezvous

    Re: Anyone heading to NJMP June 7-9 Sorry Steve, I did not scroll down far enough to see your reply, Thanks. Dennis
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    June 7th-9th: 2013 NorthEast Zone Rendezvous

    Re: Anyone heading to NJMP June 7-9 What hotel are you guys staying at? I will be heading up. Already registered. Dennis brown
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    June 7th-9th: 2013 NorthEast Zone Rendezvous

    Re: Anyone heading to NJMP June 7-9 Steve, I have registered for drivers Ed and the rendezvous. What hotel is everyone staying at? Dennis Brown
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    1999 ACR

    Hi, Anyone in the club live in the Addison area. I am buying a 99 ACR from the auto source of Dallas. I would like to find a local viper guy to check it out. Thanks Dennis
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    2002 GTS for sale

    Hi, Does anyone in the club know this 2002 GTS for sale by Autounlimited in Ft Lauderdale? . On eBay. 321074236227 Thanks Dennis
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    NEVCA - First event of the Year - Karting at F1 Boston - March 3rd

    This year I will be ready for you carting pros! Dennis
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    First event of the year...F1 Karting Boston...March 3rd

    Chuck, I will ride up with you. Dennis
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    Viper magazine/ VOI12 pics

    Hey, It's hard to believe even the " green " Vipers made it into the magazine. Shaun. Thanks for making feel welcome with " even you Dennis". Is that a big Canadian Welcome? See you guys soon.
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    Viper magazine/ VOI12 pics

    Hey Rick nice pictures of your car and Glenn's as well I even got a small pic on the cover and inside as well. Brings back some great memories. Mark's plate too. Rick I wonder if I was on the other side of that ZMax wall. Dennis
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    NY/CT Holiday Party 1/12/13

    Hey, Sounds like a good time. Sherri and Dennis are in. Will send payment. Thanks
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session October 20th

    Chuck, Count me in. See you sat. Dennis
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    Few of my VOI-12 pics

    Baz, Thanks for sharing the pictures. It was great meeting you, thanks for the UK viper pin. Dennis