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    24 F1 Driver Figurines For Sale

    Made by The Art of Sport/Enduring Images/Sheercraft. All 24 are ~9" tall on their base(s). All but 2 have COA cards and most have their original boxes. I have collected these over 20 years and I would rather NOT break up the collection. They have Never been displayed by me which is sad as they...

    2014 bumblebee coming to park city

    :headbang::headbang::headbang: 2014 Race Yellow/Black Stripes/black GTS with 4 Packages( Laguna,Exterior,Interior CF,& Advanced Aero) will be arriving at my Park City home this coming Wednesday. This will be my sixth Viper and 3rd BB. The bad thing is I dont know if I will get a chance to drive...

    7 YR. Warranty on Viper

    Has anyone purchased the optional 7yr/60K warranty and if so what did you pay for it.? Please PM me if you dont feel comfortable posting it. Kevin

    Cf door mirrors

    Does anyone know if someone makes Carbon Fiber door mirrors for the Gen V Viper?

    Need opinions fast!!!! Color combos on 2 viper gts help

    IF you had to pick which would you choose and why? Iam looking at these 2 from the same dealer. TIA 1) First car is white/ gunmetal pearl stripes / black interior No pics really needed. 2) This car is Gunmetal pearl/black stripes/ Sepia/black interior.......If anyone has seen this combo in...

    General Owners Concensus on the Gen 5

    Looking at trading for a Gen 5 GTS..Owners let me know what you think about the newest Viper Good ,Bad Anything,lol.

    Looking at Trading the 430 Scuderia for a 2014-2015 GTS

    A few questions. Can a 2014 be ordered or does the discount apply to vehicles on the ground only? Really like the Gunmetal Pearl,white orange,green, has to have stripes,adv. aero,Laguna pkg. ,InnerCF, SRT(R) hood . Interior black or red.Would I make out better ordering a 2015? What does...

    Viper brochures

    Selling all of my Viper brochures: all are in excellent condition with the exception of the 1992 which has 1 centerfold which got stuck to itself:crazy2: The brochure itself is in excellent shape. I will sell as a set for $120.00 free shipping or single for the prices listed which include...


    Viper Club of America back issues ALL in LIKE NEW Shape. Free Media Mail Shipping. Thanks for looking! Here is what you get: 2008/ 2 Issues Spring & Winter 2011/ 6 Issues Jan/Feb March/April May/June July/Aug. Sept/Oct. Nov/Dec. 2012/ 6 Issues Jan/Feb March/April May/June July/Aug...

    Find sold items in classifieds

    Does anyone know how to retrieve ads in the classifieds..? I thought I sold a few items so I marked them as sold but have to relist them..Kevin

    Viper Classifieds

    I recently moved (6 miles down the road) and had a member bail on some of my stuff for sale.....If anyone has interest in the stuff I have in the classies let me know....If itsn the classifieds its NOT SOLD...:) Kevin

    Looking for jrod_okc

    Received an e-mail that you inquired about one of my classified ads but could not find anything.?? If you see this please write me at [email protected] Kevin

    Forgeline Wheels/ PS2s ALL NEW

    Hi everyone, Need room and cash so if anyone is interested in this great wheel and tire combo please make me a serious offer..200.00 shipping...Kevin FORGELINE ST3P WHEELS WITH PS2s ALL NEW NEVER USED - ViperClub Classifieds ph# 801-949-1592

    Welcome to Park City Wheels for sale.....

    Looks like your going to have some great weather for VOI 11...If anyone is interested in the wheels I have for sale in the classifieds please give me a call and lets make a deal!!! Iam in Park City off exit 140 on I-80..My wife spotted a few of you(one with Iowa plates on Thursday...Wishing you...

    09 Graphite ACR 4 MILE PRICE DROP

    FOUND my MURCI.....NEW 09 with MGW SS... 7K worth of Forgeline wheels and PS2s...LOADED ACR with drivers stripe.. 91K Call me 801-949-1592.....Kevin

    09 Graphite Acr For Sale 4 Miles Please Read

    2009 LOADED GRAPHITE ACR 4 MILES FOR SALE NOW!!!! - ViperClub Classifieds Well everyone my wife didnt want me to buy a 08 BUSA( she hates motorcycles) so she said if I didnt get it and sold the Viper I could get a Murcielago..!!! Well of course I said ok as I have wanted one forever.. My 09...

    New Acr Sport Cups For Sale

    Will be available June 7th......1450.00 shipped to the lower 48....Kevin NEW 09 ACR SPORT CUPS (4) FOR SALE

    Sport Cups How Much?

    What are sport cups going for..?? I MIGHT break my 4 mile ACR rim and tire set up...:dunno: Kevin

    My 4 Mile 09 Wheels And Rims Are Up For Sale

    Just listed my ACR rims and tires....4 miles as NEW...6K includes free shipping...Kevin 09 ACR WHEELS & TIRES 4 MILES - ViperClub Classifieds

    Thoughts On Tire Brands for my ACR

    Going to get some aftermarket Rims and Tires for my 09 ACR....I plan to stay with the stock rim size 18 & 19s..My question is what do you think would be the best tires to go with.? Should I get the PS2s,Nittos,something else ?...Iam looking for the best tires for the street as I will see very...

    Viper Red paint code

    Having some parts painted Viper Red..I searched and found the paint code as PRN is that correct..? Also who makes the paint for the Viper is it PPG..?? What other info will I need for the paint shop..? Kevin

    Acr Rims & Tires

    Iam thinking of selling my NEW(4 MILES) ACR rims and tires....I want to get HREs and Pilot Sports as I doubt I will see the track much....A few questions: 1)Will I be able to track the car with HREs.? I remember someone posting that said most tracks will not let you on with 2/3 piece...

    ACR Wing Endplates

    How hard is it to remove the endplates from a ACR wing.? I remember reading something on the site that said it could be a bear and if you strip out the screws you would have to buy a new wing.?? Has anyone taken them off and if so did you run into any problems..? Kevin

    Help...Pass door wont open..

    Changed out my pass door panel(inside) and now the door wont open from the outside.Opens from the inside ok..Drivers door works fine..I know I have the 2 electical connectors attached inside...I cant seem to find a fuse that says its for the door locks in my manual...Any hints on what I should...

    Mgw Short-throw Shifter Install

    Hi Everyone, I have my console out as Iam installing a red interior in my Graphite ACR....I have a brand new MGW short-throw shifter that I bought awhile back and would like to install it....I have looked in the illustrated upgrades section but its done from under the...