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    4 Quarts ****** Oil and Four Filters

    I have 4 qts of ****** oil and four filters for 1992 - 2006 Vipers. Pay the shipping cost and you can have them.
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    Selling My 1997 Blue and White GTS

    Just put my baby in the classifieds. Kind of a crappy day. Getting too old and messed up to get in and out of it without major trauma. Been well taken care off. No nanny controls. AC doesn't work but have the part, just haven't installed it yet. Perfect condition. Thanks.
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    Best Battery For A GTS

    Sorry, I should have searched more but I just had **** surgery and It f'n to lay down and sleep. What Is the best battery for my 97 GTS? Getting It ready to sell and the battery Is toast. TIA
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    Bought a Vette

    GF says Viper is too loud and cramped for her.
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    Car Cover

    I am in the market for a nice car cover for a 97 GTS. I need to put the car in storage for awhile. Thanks.
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    Need Help From Las Vegas People

    I can't post in the Nevada section so I am putting it here. Hope it's not a problem. Considering moving to the Las Vegas area to retire soon. Would like to find a house or condo all on one level with at least a 3 car garage. What areas are the best to live in? Got a good RE agent? Up to a...
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    How do I delete my pictures?
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    Little Help

    Hey guys, my son has moved to Mesa for medical school. His Dodge Intrepid badly needs an alignment. Where is a good place to take it in the Phoenix/Mesa area? TIA
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    3:55 versus 3:73 Gears

    A website where I purchase parts from advises to use a 3:55 gear set as opposed to a 3:73 due to excessive heat and wear and tear on the drive train. I like 3:73 better than a 3:55. My question is: has anybody had any major issues using a 3:73 gear set as opposed to a higher ratio? TIA
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    GENV in Reno

    Driving to Reno/Carson City last weekend (09/15) and swear I saw a red GENV heading North near Bordertown. Anyone else in the Reno area see this?
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    Key Chain from ?

    Does anyone recall getting the key chain in the mail with the little piston on it? I can't rmember where it came from but I believe it was Viper related. I want another one for someone in their Chrsitmas stocking. If you remember please let me know where they came form so I can get another...
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    Rent a GT 40 in Vegas??

    I am going to Vegas next month for my birthday......09/03.....hence the screen name. We are going to see Santana at the Hard Rock!!!!! Anyway, does anyone know if there is a car rental place there that has a GT 40?? It is on my list to purchase in the next year or two so I thought that maybe...
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    Interesting Tidbit-For Me Anyway

    I learned something kind of cool this weekend. According to the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the Snake. Now how cool is that? It seems as though I was destined from birth to have a Viper. It is said that persons born in the year of the Snake make good bankers..........weird, I...
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    Tator Link

    Interesting Story: Chrysler looks to shut 2 local dealers | | The Journal News
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    Timerline Dodge Closing

    Bad news today: Saw this on the list of Doge dealerships to be closed. Anybody know anything more? TIMBERLINE DODGE INC DBA TIMBERLINE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE 42184 DTCJ 2406 N E SANDY BLVD PORTLAND, OR 97232-2399 ARTHUR A LAWS :(
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    Puerto Penasco

    Hey guys I am planning a Spring Break trip (03/22/09 thru 03/30/09) to Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico. We (11 of us) have rented a house right on the beach in a gated community from a person who lives in the USA. We are flying to Phoenix on 03/20 and renting a van and driving there. A lot of...
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    Viper Baby Outfit

    My friends Michael and Melinda have a new baby, Parker (about 6 months old), and Melinda made him a shirt to wear to give me a bad time. Melinda has a red 05 SRT, so they got him a toy SRT as well. I still think mine is faster.
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    Road and Track Article

    Just read my R&T and found this little blurb about the SRT. To me it is the exact reason I have a Viper. What do you think? If the Corvette ZR1 revels in new science, the Viper SRT10 goes in the opposite direction and catapults the driver back into the sights, sounds and sensual pleasures of...
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    Jon B Comes Through for Non Viper Parts

    I emailed Jon this morning asking him if he had any contacts for me to get some new Brembo rotors for my non Viper (turboed Miata). Not only did he email me right back he had already found the rotors and was waiting on my ok to ship em. It doesn't get any better than that. Jon is a true...
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    Motor Trend Front Cover

    I was not going to renew my subscription to Motor Trend but I got my new issue today and lo and behold, on the bottom of the cover the headline says: "Faster Than a ZR1" "How the Dodge Viper ACR Conquered the Nurburgring" Good story too written by Ron Kiino and the VCA got an atta biy as...
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    Things to do in the Angels Camp area

    Hi, I'm an Oregon VCA member and I a going to go to a timeshare in Angels Camp this weekend with my GF and her mother---no Viper this trip!!!!--. I am wondering besides wineries if there are other "must do" things to do while we are there??? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks Mark:smirk:
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    Kansas City Thread

    What happened to that thread from the little whiner about the Kansas City Viper Club? I was prepared to read some good insults and the thread disappeared.:dunno:
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    Thinking about selling my PS2's

    The tires on the 02 wheels I bought turned out to be in pretty darn good shape for what I intend to do with my car therefore I am thinking about selling the P2's I bought from Jon last October. Is there any interest in them out there from Oregon, Nor Cal, or Wahington. I'd meet ya half way if...
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    I'm On My Way to Vegas

    I am coming to Vegas today and if any of you VCA members there are interested you can come and get me at my hotel and we'll go to ******* (I'm buying) and get some shots for the Viper/Chick thread. PM me if you are game. Cheers
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    Seat Question

    Did a search----found nothing. Does anybody use those little bulbs that pump the seat up. Niether of the two on my car work. I pulled the one on the passenger seat off and found it was cracked and would not hold or pump air. I don't think they are a big deal. Is there any reason to replace...