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    For anyone interested>>>

    I was yesterday checking the 2014's at the dealer here in Gville, they just got a red gts with glove interior,charcoal grey stripes , dark grey rattler wheels(5 spokes), and carbon fiber spoilers( exterior package), it says 145K, also a SRT black with glove interior too and track package for...
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    So the Viper isn't one of the 5 Most american cars???

    discuss.... I saw this news that said that the 5 most american cars were the GMC acadia/traverse/enclave,dodgeAVENGER, and F-150, so where does the Viper stands??, i thought i was built here with parts supplied by usa(well most of it at least), guess not.....
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    May i be having too much exhaust??>>>>

    recently i did some mods on my car which are : JTSVP Underdrive pulley, and Billet TB,K&N cai, Stock manifolds with 3 inch exhaust , NO cats and A small(14 in) Kooks race muffler on each side, Roe CMR tune, new spark plugs, and i have a cooler t-stat in the box, ready to go in, i feel the car...
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    Cars and coffee of the upstate>>>(and mountain run)

    this saturday will be C&C of the upstate again, hopefully it doesn't rain, also a group of friends from the UECC(upstate european car club) will be doing a mountain run:drive: (leisure), that will be about 100 miles each way if anybody is interested in any (or both) of the activities let me know...
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    LOUD popping noise>>>

    I was driving my viper this morning and as i'm pulling to the parking lot at work i hear this LOUD pop coming like from the passenger footwell, i even got scared lt sounded like something blew, i stepped out and checked the car and nothing. Went inside and came back out and took it for a spin...
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    Cars and Coffee in greenville this SAt. if anybody's interested>>>

    Located on the North hills shopping center, saturday from 8-11.
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    WTB Eibachs and>>>

    also caps, and wheel spacers, also looking for reasonable priced aftermarket exhaust and CAI. let me know what you have!!
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    Great service>>>

    WIll and RSI have always been there for any of my numerous questions, and have always walked the extra mile to help, also I ordered a set of parking brake relocators, and was having problems processing the order, and I sent an e-mail, and less than 30 min later problem fixed, and a free shirt...
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    how much top end>>

    How much top end speed do i lose from going from the stock 3.07 to 3.55's on a basically stock viper?, can i go up to 190 mph in 6th instead of 5th?, or will i need more torque to do it?? Thanks!!
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    Cars and Coffee of the upstate>>>>

    Just a reminder that C&C of the upstate will be this Saturday from 8-11 AM, last month there were more than 275 cars and 3 vipers, i'm trying to get more vipers together so anybody near the area that is going or wants to go let me know so we can park together.
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    some pics from the dragon's tail.>>>>>

    well the parking lot at least!!! lol
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    Cars and Coffee of the upstate!!>>>

    This month it will be on the w end of the 25, anybody that want to go let me know, there are always a couple of Vipers showing around, it's from 8 to 11.:D
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    "Unveiling" of Gen V today>>>

    at the Big O dodge dealership here in greenville SC, i was thre yesterday and they have the car covered in the showroom, i talked to one of the salesmen and he told me they have 3 allocated, and that this one is a white GTS , nobody has asked for it so it's up for grabs and they are selling it...
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    looking for a mechanic!!

    I am looking for a mechanic or someone with experience with vipers,i am thinking about buying gears , also exhaust and some other goodies for the car, but don't know of a competent mechanic in the greenville upstate area, i am willing To drive some as long as the price is right ;-)
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    just saw this...
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    Well seems like i'll be moving to the beach>>>

    Myrtle beach that is, i think i got approved on the job opportunity there and i might be moving there in the next month or so, if anybody is from the area or near it, please let me know about car meets or the " car scene" around the area , thanks. !!
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    Took my car to the Rock!!>>

    well i ve had my car since sept of last year , and the only time i had taken it to a dragstrip was in late october and just did one pass of [email protected], well last saturday i went to Mopars at the rock with the carolina's viper club and decided to give it a go again, the weather was fine and the...
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    MOPAR shootout @ Darlington>>>

    It will be this sunday 3, i'll be heading down in the jeep( maybe viper too), there will be a gathering of the quickest moder mopars around ,including 9 sec. jeeps looking to get in the 8's!!
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    C&C Charlotte>>

    Anybody thinking of going??
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    Cars and Coffee in Greenville SC>>>

    I'll probably be there on jan 26th(if it don't rain), with a couple friends, if anyone is interested let me know i'll give you the address, it's usually the 4th sat of the month.
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    Merry Christmas>>>

    And a Happy New Year to all My Fellow "Viper Nuts":D:drive:
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    Toys for tots @ twin peaks in greeenville SC, Sat/ dec./15>>>

    Yes , there will be a T4T at the Greenville twin peaks and Gattitown in Greenville sc, it will be from 11-4 and there will be some awards given, It 's open to all makes and models, so bring an unwrapped toy and enjoy some nice cars and hopefully a great day to give backand have fun.!!:D
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    ??? for anybody that can help me, cooling issues>>>>

    Hi, I have a '06 convertible, and yesterday i went with a group of friends to do some "spirited":drive: driving in the mountains here in SC and NC, it was a very fun time and i had fun playing with the other cars(mostly challengers and chargers), but when we got to the place we were going i...
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    Just got my Viper>>>>

    Hi, new owner here, i just got my new to me viper, it's a 2006 slate gray convertible and has the "H" wheels, I absolutely love the car it's been my dream car since the first model came out in 1993, I ve alway s liked and had sport cars, i ve had saleens, viper rams, evo's, camaros, trans am's...