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    Sad Day today.

    If there was a picture of my car on fire, it would also include me frantically trying to put out the flames............
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    Sad Day today.

    Anyone that fell for that need their eyes checked.......
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    OEM 2006 Viper SRT10 Rims and Tires

    They are worth whatever they are being listed and sold for. Check current listing and selling prices on Ebay then price yours accordingly.
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    How rare is my car?

    I don't know of any factory variations/options for the 2003 Viper at all nor do I recall any "blacked-out" emblems. The variations didn't come until the 2004 model (Mamba editions). If you are not the original owner, then the previous owner(s) customized the emblems.
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    Gen IV used values

    The general "idea" of used values is what they are currently being listed and sold for. Autotrader,, Ebay, should give you a general idea. KBB and Edmunds values are based on standard depreciation which is not a true indication of the value - especially for this type of car. The...
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    Upgrading 2003 Hood

    Looks like the Gen. IV OE hood supply has dried up. I sold mine back in the summer of last year. If you get into an accident and need a new hood, you're basically S.O.L. unless you go with an aftermarket one.
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    Gen 3 Jack Points

    Don't understand why it should have three jacking points per side (don't know of very many cars that do). They are specifically there (positioned behind each wheel) to remove the wheels one at time - as in the event of a flat tire situation . There are other areas on the frame that can be used...
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    Gen 3 Jack Points

    There's nothing there to remove. Just need to make sure your jack pad completely clears the sill prior to jacking up the car. Harbor Freight sells low-profile aluminum floor jacks with flat jacking surfaces. Do not use a jack with a deep cup-style or place a hard material between the pad and...
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    Bought a new PCM for an '06 coupe & the windows do not go down upon opening door.

    I thought the BCM (Body Control Module) controlled the action of the windows. Maybe there a programming disconnect between the new PCM and your current BCM.
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    Driving in Florida is no different than driving in South Texas in regards to the heat. I've owned three Vipers in addition to other cars and have never had an issue with premature tire wear due to the surface temperature of the roads.
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    I have two fronts with 8/32 tread depth (8.5/32 is brand new) for sale.
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    Mich PS2...very low thread with only 4000mi????

    This is not normal. Is someone else driving your car besides you?
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    Indoor Car Cover?

    Don't know about an ACR fit but try California Car Cover. They make covers out of about 4 or 5 different fabrics for multiple applications.
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    2 Used Michelin PS2 Fronts (275/35ZR18) for Sale

    PM sent. Reply ASAP as they are listed on Ebay with a "Buy it Now" option.
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    I hated my viper because of racing solutions

    If I was in this situation (assuming the money "stolen" was less than $5k), I would have at least filed a claim in small claims court by now. Just saying........
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    I hated my viper because of racing solutions

    True but the guy also wants his money refunded. Only a civil lawsuit (or the threat of one) can make that happen.
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    I hated my viper because of racing solutions

    Until someone actually files a civil lawsuit against him.
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    2 Used Michelin PS2 Fronts (275/35ZR18) for Sale

    Excellent condition with no repairs or damage. DOT date is 3112 (both tires). Tread depth is 8/32 (8.5/32 is brand new). Just sold my Viper therefore, I won't be needing these any longer. $200 each plus shipping. They are also listed on Ebay.
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    Spun bearing issues?

    Well, what are your plans for this car? (Gen. III) As many have already said, you should have no worries if it is only street-driven. If you do plan to track it, then upgrade the oil pan along with a swingarm oil pick-up tube.
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    Chromed 5 Spokes for Sale

    Time to sell my wheels. Set of OE 5 Spokes, chromed by Calchrome with receipt. No scratches or road rash. Blemish-free. Local pickup in the Houston, TX area or you pay for shipping (to lower 48 states only). Send me a PM with an offer if interested.
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    Oil Weight?

    A lot of us were using the Mobil I oil filter (M1-204 I believe) prior to the introduction of the special Viper Filter on our Gen. III's.
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    what's up with this soft top cover?Can we drive it fast, or is it meant for cruising?

    Re: what's up with this soft top cover?Can we drive it fast, or is it meant for cruis Do like I have done for the past 10 years of gen III vert ownership: Don't use the convertible cover because you don't need it!!!
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    What is the personal property tax amount on an 04 viper in Virginia.

    No, that does not include insurance. So glad I live in Texas. Only corporations/businesses pay property taxes on vehicles.
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    Is there a shortage of oil cooler lines for Gen 4?

    Or you can go the aftermarket route and pay out of pocket for better lines and get back to driving and enjoying your car. Consider them an upgrade and move on......