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    Border Patrol Viper and Z06

    He definitely doesn't know No Man.....:****:
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    Brembo GT 380mm Big brake kit

    Don't forget your tires!! You can have esoteric brakes with marginal/**** tires and a Viper with stock brakes and brand new sticky tires will stop better than you every time. :drive:
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    Which wiper blades

    Wow, he got ripped off. I can get those for $78. Lamborghini WIPER BLADE - WIPER BLADE - 401955425A FYI: I can also confirm that the Viper does not spontaneously combust or melt when driven in the rain. :****::****:
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    Which wiper blades

    I couldn't find these wiper blades anywhere in the aftermarket. Had to replace my set last night and it was just as VIPER R said...$32 a piece for driver and passenger side. I believe the only outlet to buy these is the Dodge Dealer.
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    Blown At DC Performance...

    Very interested in this but are there problems getting this smogged for those unlucky to live in Kalifornistan (visual, CARB approval, etc) Thanks in advance,
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    Optima Batteries

    We have Diehard Platinum batteries in all four of our cars. I love these things so much I shoehorned one into a car that originally came with a smaller battery (stuck a Group 34 into a group 58/59 equipped car) Had one in the 05 Viper for almost two years now and it's great. No problems at...
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    6 spokes are on

    PM me please. I don't want to derail the OP's thread.
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    6 spokes are on

    I just found out about this really cool auction site called Ebay.....:D :2tu:
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    6 spokes are on

    I just bought a brand new set of six spoke wheels too. Can't wait for them to get here!! :drive: The only thing left is a Gen IV hood.
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    You guys must have huge license plates or small fonts. 7 char. limit out here.
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    Two things I noticed about the SRT today...

    Yes, the valvetrain noise is normal. :drive:
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    e-bay GEN III

    I'd rather have a car that was driven, and maintained regularly, than buy a low mileage car with original parts/fluids/hoses potentially waiting to fail and needing to be replaced. Same thing goes for TSB's. (technical service bulletins usually covered under warranty, but after the warranty...
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    MitiVac helps changing ****** oil?

    I used a Mityvac handhelp pump when I recently drained and refilled my 05's diff and trans. It made the process very easy as there is no room to maneuver the quart bottles up into the fill port. :drive:
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    Changing ****** fluid

    I just refreshed the fluids in my transmission and diff on my 05. If you have any questions, let me know. I took pictures too. It was easy. Hardest part was taking all the damn bolts off the undertray. But one of the benefits was tightening them all down and used blue loctite. No more...
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    Wiper blades replacement

    I'm guessing you got them to work on a Gen I/Gen II because it is impossible to get these to fit on an SRT10 Gen III/Gen IV Since this is in the SRT forum it's confusing those that have Gen III+ cars. :dunno:
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    Wiper blades replacement

    I just bought a pair of Trico Neoform blades in 16 inch variety. First of all my SRT10 wiper blades are longer than 16 inches, and I cannot for the life of me see how the Neoform blades will mount to the stock wiper arm. The stockers are flat with a push button mounting system, where the...
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    Wiper blades replacement

    Can you post pictures or elaborate? I have Bosch Icons on all of our vehicles except for the Viper. I'll pick a pair of icons up based on your pics if you say they work. Thanks in advance.
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    SRT10 vert and sell Cobra vert or GTS and keep Cobra?

    Keeping the Cobra and picking up a GTS is probably the best scenario. :drive:
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    03 Car Cover recommendations

    I use a Covercraft Weathershield HP and use them on all three of my cars. The Viper is garaged, but it too uses this cover because I cover it when I drive it to work on Friday's and it's outside parking. Wash it in warm water in the washer with one cup of Simple Green. Comes out looking brand...
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    SRT-10s That Are Driven!

    I thought there was a guy on here that drove his cross country a couple times and had 75,000+ miles on his Gen III.
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    Heat from transmission/console

    No. It's for airflow control underneath the car and protection (see my picture above the fan pic) The frame on these cars is unbelievably strong and does not need this piece of metal for any rigidity. The big bolts keep the undertray affixed to the frame when the car is traveling at high...
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    Heat from transmission/console

    :2tu: :****: :drive:
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    Heat from transmission/console

    I HIGHLY recommend leaving the undertray (shield) on the car. Do you see something wrong with this picture? That is the signature of a semi truck retread tire left on the undertray after I hit it at 60MPH getting on the freeway.
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    SRT10 vert and sell Cobra vert or GTS and keep Cobra?

    I have a 2004 Mustang Cobra (Terminator) and a 2005 SRT10 Viper. Both are my toys as I also have a daily driver. If I had to choose between the SRT10 and the Cobra, I would pick the Cobra every time. LOL The SRT10 is an awesome car, but there is something about the 03/04 Cobra's exhaust note...
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    Battery tender help

    I have my Battery Tender Plus set up the same way. Added bonus is I make the tree huggers scratch their heads when I tell them my Viper is a hybrid due to the electrical cord hanging out the *** of the car. :****: