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  1. FrankBarba

    Looking GEN 1

    Prefer Black with Tan Interior. Will consider any GEN 1 if the following is met. Mileage, Complete Paperwork Work, Complete Service History. OEM Prefered.
  2. FrankBarba

    Viper tech needed

    Joe Kalas out of South Jersey - Mike Hartley Racing Crew Chief, Take the Ring Crew Chief, John Kerwin - Reedman Dodge NJ.
  3. FrankBarba

    Question, tires for 94

    2005 Tires they are almost 15 years old..Let me ask you this...Would you "Use a Rubber from 15 years ago" to keep from having an accident? Sure go ahead throw those tires on and go do some driving. After a while you'll forget that they are 15 years old, you'll do something stupid and the...
  4. FrankBarba

    question of viper value 1996

    I have a 96 GTS with 8K miles. Original everything, Stock, OEM, Some Spare Parts for just in case, New treads with the old ones also. All Documentation...wouldn't let mine go for less than 68K.
  5. FrankBarba


    Tom Sessions....He's your go to guy in the Carolina's
  6. FrankBarba

    Rollback Custom Trailer:

    Steel or Aluminum ? Empty Weight - Total Weight allowed.
  7. FrankBarba

    Looking for a 95 RT/10

    I am searching for a 1995 RT/10. Must be Black in color with Tan interior. Original owner car is best for me. Would prefer all OEM, Paperwork and complete owner history if you are not the original owner. Would like all documentation, a Car Fax and Window Sticker do not qualify.
  8. FrankBarba

    VCA Decals

    I am looking to purchase 2 of the large Viper Club of America circular decals that were made for the Comp Coupe. My CC is currently being restored and I'd like to add these decals to her. Any Help Here?
  9. FrankBarba

    1996 Indy Cars

    contact me at [email protected] I will fill you in.
  10. FrankBarba

    Looking for a reputable shipping company

    It's not that I don't come to New Hampshire, When you contacted me I was already 4 hours away from Ft. Myers on my way up 95 North. If you would have contacted me hours earlier I would have been able to help you out. I'm sorry that you took it that I don't come to New Hampshire...
  11. FrankBarba

    Soon to be a new Viper owner with a short person question??

    Depending upon logistics I might be able to help with transporting your Viper
  12. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    I hae a schedule Transport from Philly to Kentucky then to the coast of Florida. If you need transport services from Florida north or to the Mid West let me know. I have to be home no later than September 10, 2018
  13. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    Getting ready for another Transport Trip. I have a few clients that want to transport East Coast to the Arizona Area. Looking for Transports. Im also looking at a Transport trip to Oklahoma to Mass. If need service please call me 717 648 5651 or email [email protected]
  14. FrankBarba

    Somebodys gotta know how to find this information!!

    I wouldn't trust Fat Albert with a Dime. Bought a built motor from him. When we looked at it he sold me the wrong one said it was a mistake by his wife. I'd pi$$ on his grave. Glad to hear he's out of business.
  15. FrankBarba

    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 08/06/18

    Thanks Bonkers....
  16. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    a few more pixs.
  17. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    A few pictures of recent transports.
  18. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    Frank Barba Transport will be leaving PA on July 28 - 29th. We have scheduled transports to New York, Florida, Tennessee, Texas and Arizona. If you are needing Transport Services please give me a call @ 717 648 5651
  19. FrankBarba

    Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle

    If you are attending this event and decide to purchase a Mopar and don't have a way to get her home give me a call @ 717 648 5651 I live 15 minutes away. I can meet you load em up and be on my way t your drop off point.
  20. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    Thank You St. Paul MN for allowing us to deliver your 2 brand new Dodge Demons, Thank You Michigan and South Bend for allowing us to transport your Vipers to Austin Texas for a Calvo Make over, thank you West Virginia for allowing us to transport your Stryker Red Viper from Calvo's to you home...
  21. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    Thank you Mississippi for allowing us to transport your Vipers to NC. It is great making new Viper Friends. I even had the chance to see an old friend Tom Sessions. I had the pleasure of transporting 2 NASA Vipers one a full blown wheel to wheel and also a TTU Time Trial Viper
  22. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    Thank You San Antonio Texas for allowing us to transport your **** Cat Charger. It was a pleasure and an honor working with you.
  23. FrankBarba

    Empty Trailer

    I am heading to Michigan on Tuesday or Wednesday June 12 / 13. If you need transport to Prefix, Ohio, Indiana please let me know.
  24. FrankBarba

    Anyone know this snake??

    I bought an engine from Fat Albert several years ago. Motor imploded and found out he sold me the wrong motor. He blamed it on his wife. He never made good on the engine...