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    Viper to be canceled and new Viper to come in 2012

    Agreed. It is going to be sad to see it go but you have to take a look at it from their eyes. Sure, we all would love to see it live on and continue this great community. However, if the car is not making any money, then it is of no interest to Chrysler.
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    Viper to be canceled and new Viper to come in 2012

    Getting back to the original topic of the thread..... I think you guys are missing the point here. If you look at the article, they aren't clearly introducing a new generation of Viper. They make it sound like they are talking about an entirely new car. I don't know guys, but the future of the...
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    Viper to be canceled and new Viper to come in 2012

    Caught this on Autoblog and was surprised nobody posted it yet. Check out the article. Let the speculations begin! BREAKING: Dodge to end Viper production in July 2010, new car in 2012 — Autoblog
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    Another SRT Track Experience car?

    Ran the vehicle history report.......Corporate Fleet vehicle in Michigan. Definitely an SRT Track Experience car.
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    Why are dealers flip flopping and BSing on prices?

    There are only three places to go when looking for a new Viper: Chuck Tator Woodhouse Ringgold Dodge Their reputations speak for themselves!
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    Rollbar in '06 Coupe

    IMO I wouldn't track without one. The Gen III/IV's has significantly less rollover protection than the Gen I/II's had. If you saw the "rollover protection" that was installed in the SRT-C's, you wouldn't think twice. Btw, Since I see you are from Cali, DC Performance has one out now that...
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    The new Blue Batmobile revealed (PICS)

    Once again, I agree with Austin. You NEED to get rid of those H spokes. I have faith in you I will wait to see the finished product :)
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    The new Blue Batmobile revealed (PICS)

    I'm gonna have to agree with Austin on this one. I might like it once it is a finished product, but I am not too much of a fan so far. :(
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    What would this SRT-C go for in todays market??

    I'd say it would sell for low 60's to VERY high 50's.
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    Awesome shot. You can tell the bottom of the front fascia isn't too happy :D
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    06 Coupes on the Track

    Love this pic! From the hand motion of the instructor and the way the front end is digging into the pavement, you can tell he was saying something along the lines of "******* the brakes!" :drive: I love seeing people using Vipers for what they were built for :headbang:
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    Today, a day of" firsts"

    You know that means that next time you take out the Viper you are gonna be ******* by the 5-0...right? :rolaugh: Hope you didn't jinx yourself!
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    New 345 R compound tires

    And the Hoosier R6's.
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    White/Black no stripes ACR...

    That looks awesome Austin!
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    Did a 1/4 before putting her away

    That is a VERY nice trap speed. Overall a great pass too. Imagine what that run with the 1.9x 60' would have been if you didn't spin!
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    Just got the VCA coupe back from the painter -pics of new hood

    They're the width of the stock 06 stripes
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    Some New Viper Records

    Congrats on the time. Definitely worth of a 10 second pass. Great driving, Jamie.
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    Official 2009 Changes, Colors, & VOI 10 Edition Pricing

    Seriously. It seems like Dodge's creative marketing ended when the Gen III was created. In all seriousness, I would LOVE to hear why they picked Venom Red out of all colors to be built for another year over colors that STILL have a strong demand, such as SSG. A quick search through ebay or...
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    Official 2009 Changes, Colors, & VOI 10 Edition Pricing

    Graphite :headbang: White :headbang: Another year of Venon Red? :confused:
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    11.32 @ 129 08 coupe

    Fantastic run. :headbang:
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    Thanx again to DLM for my car....after 2 months or so i guess.

    Dude WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? Did you fall off the face of the earth or what? You probably don't remember me though :rolaugh:
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    Real Road Performance Requires Real Road....uhhh Performance

    Hahaha the thumbs up in the picture is the icing on the cake :rolaugh: