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    Viper Run in Jasper, Alberta

    Ted, Thanks for all your great pics of this trip. I am hoping that everyone see's them and comes out next year. Not only is the scenery some of the most spectacular in the world but the food at Andy's Bistro in Jasper is probably some of the best in Canada. They stayed open an hour late just to...
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    We still do not have a final count but it could be better. see my last post in Jasper in June. Are you in?? we are meeting up in leduc for the drive to Jasper on Friday. Trevor
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    Jasper in June

    All, Teri and I will be meeting up with RTTTTed and a new member from the Edmonton area about noon in Leduc at Leduc common on Friday for some lunch and then head out to Jasper at about 2:00pm. If anybody else wants to travel with us you can hook up with us there. I don't get on the forums much...
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    Jasper in June

    I am thinking earlier in June right now, probably the weekend of the 5th or 12th. I will have a better idea after the weekend as I will have the time to call a few places to see about accomodation. Earlier also gets us away from equinox on the 21st where we tend to get more rain here in Alberta...
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    Jasper in June

    Ok looks like there will be interest so I will get started. Can't wait to get the car moving again.:2tu:
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    Jasper in June

    Hey everyone, just wondering how much interest there would be in a Jasper outing in June. I will do the legwork if there is enough interest.... everybody chime in and tell me how much fun the Columbia Icefields Parkway would be!!!!:headbang:
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    Viper purchase went bad

    WOW Ted!!! Awesome Car. Really wish I had a chance to go down and get it with you.....Red is a great color
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    Caravan to VOI 11

    Has anyone seen the official hotel bookings yet??
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    western office

    Finally got confirmation of my Venom renewal but no Mag yet.... I am looking forward to the ACR X article too.
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    Caravan to VOI 11

    Hey Ted, Terri says"/$!%%$//"&&*(??%$$%/$"/ something about just wanting to get rid of the wives.....but I think the trip to DC would be worth the dog house. Three vipers headed for DC and then back to VOI 11 sounds like alot of fun....just might have to risk the wrath of Terri!!!!:omg:
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    Caravan to VOI 11

    OK Terri and I are planning this out and will be attending barring any disaster but we are currently deciding if I am driving down the week before to get some work done at DC performance in Los Angeles. I have to work this very carfully as we are getting Married and Terri says I can`t break the...
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    Why did youbuy a Viper ??

    Wanted one FOREVER Now I want a second one and the wife is claiming the original.....Whats better than a Viper.......Two of them Wish list: 08/09 Venom Red Coupe
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    Next BC is Aug 8

    Hey Ted, Had a great time at the Harrison Hotsprings event ( my first) and it was great meeting so many other members of the VCA. Our next booked event is the VCA run at Kelowna. We cannot wait and are hopeing to see you there. I had no idea there was so many great people in the Viper...
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    how fast is a cripple in a Viper??

    Just took on and beat a C06 Corvette tonight. 145 mph was where he gave up and I was pulling him hard. The snake is simply amazing..... and the wife loved it. Cripple means broken leg and no ligaments left in the clutch foot. Next Friday we are driving 1198 kms to the VCA event in Harrison Hot...
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    Washed the Sapphire Beast and ...

    Ted, Are you still offering the original deal on your 440 duster.... with the other project cars??? I will be at the Harrison Hotsprings VCA event and might be interested if you are going to be there we can talk.
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    MOPAR PERFORMANCE Exhaust Prices

    All, I have the 3" race exhaust with the cam and the pcm installed in my 04 vert. Horse power is significantly improved. I have not had it dyno'ed to be fair to everyone but will be having it dynoed before fall and will post the results. This is quite possibly the cheapest HP you can get in...
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    Getting ready for 3000 mile Trip

    Drive it, Drive it, Drive it. My wife and I have a trip with the Viper in July, ( 24-26 Harrison Hotsprings in British Columbia with the VCA 1100 kms one way) and another one in August with the VCA in Kelowna British Columbia, ( 800 kms one way ) and in between we are driving lots (4000 kms...
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    The Viper LIVES!

    Long live the Viper and Hurray for some sound thinking on the part of Fiat and Dodge. Thank God for all the VCA folks that are **** bent on not only keeping and supporting the Viper as a production car but keeping the Viper "what it is".... the most fun you can have in a sports car period. Why...
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    Club event at Harrison Hot Springs

    Thanks Greg, even more fun miles with 2 vipers and 1100+ KMs to get there. :headbang:
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    Club event at Harrison Hot Springs

    We are in like flynn and booked!!!! Can't wait to get out in the Frazer Canyon. Coming from the Edmonton area means LOTTSSS of mountain driving. Trevor and Terri
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    Berated for owning a Viper

    This is a great thread and I just want to add that if you are smart enough and or lucky enough (wanted a Viper since they were a concept car and now I own one) to own the most fun for your money car on the planet then don't be shy about it. Take it everywhere and let the Lexus, BMW, Mercedes...
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    Question on installing Mopar PCM

    The Mopar 3" Catless exhaust is great. You will love the sound. I have the whole package including cam in my 04 and love it. Mine was installed by the dealer and they did a great job but I sure wish I was closer to some of the great shops and services you have down south. If you have it dyno'd...
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    Question about Mopar PCM / 3 inch Race exhaust

    I have the whole package in my 04 including camshaft and the extra kick in the pants over stock is awesome. I can't speak to the exact Horsepower or torque numbers as I have never had it on the dyno but I can speak to the loud part. It has the meanest Viper sound I have heard yet and at WOT it...
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    New Member introduction - and, Viper SRT-10 Reproduction wheels interest ?

    Hey All, This is my first post as a VCA member. Just wondering what a set of H spokes will run me here in Canada. I love some of the Cal Chrome sets I have seen. I like my 10 spokes (04 Red Vert). Maybe Brad from Ft McMurray can help?