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    8/10lb Pulleys for new 2.8 Roe wanted

    I posted an add in the wanted section of the classifieds that I was looking for a 8lb pulley and the 10lb setup for a Roe, with no success. My new Kenne Bell 2.8 arrived today and is waiting for the return of the motor from the performance shop. I am going to do the break in tune with my...
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    Autoform LeMans Fascia wanted, possible trade.

    Looking to replace my Autoform splitter with their one piece Le Mans Fascia/Spitter combo. If anyone has one for sale or would like to do a trade please let me know. I also have the stock intake, injectors and throttle bodies with @ 7k miles on them if interested. Thank you, Kevin
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    Motor coming out and upgraded, hints tips suggestions wanted/appreciated

    My 02 30,000 mile 5lb Roe Water **** motor is making some low end noises (was making excess crankcase pressure before this) so it time for some rebuild and upgrades... I have Jessel RR, 70mm TB, Headers, Roe blower Vec III. I want to do forged pistons and a cam while it's out but want to know...
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    Door release button not working right ??

    My exterior door release button is acting sporadic, it stopped working sunday night then worked once yesterday opening the drivers door once then didn't work again. The inside handle is working fine so I was wondering if anyone has run across this problem and there is a simple answer or if I...
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    Transmission rebuild?

    Pulled the ****** to have it rebuilt and wondering if there was anything in particular I should have done while it's apart? It is behind a 10lb blower motor.... Not sure what happened yet, should find out next week but it was grinding on something... Any upgrades available? I would also like to...
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    Crankcase Vacuum Pump, I've got smoke

    I was wondering if anyone was running a vacuum pump on there viper, NA or FI? I have 15,000 on my Roe SC motor and I'm seeing (and smelling) oil smoke after a WOT run:( . I don't think it's the rings or a valve seal as I don't have any smoke on start up or on free rev and thought I might be...
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    Rear brake line problem

    I tried installing my recently purchased CCW drag wheel package and the rims were hitting the brake line bolt on the rear caliper. I pulled the wheels back off to file down the bolt but when I reinstalled the lines (with the washer) they were leaking. I'm not sure if I distorted the aluminum...
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    RT/10 Pillar pods??

    Is anyone making the dual gage pillar pods for the Gen II RT yet? TIA, KV
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    Diamondback/roe Comes Alive!

    After a long winter hibernation the snake is finally awake! I want to send special thanks you to Roger @ US Exotics, he is excellent to work with and I couldn't’t be happier with his creativity and craftsmanship and also to Joe @ PBJ truly a man who knows his way around the heart of a viper and...
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    Vista/ Vec3and Todos card reader??

    Has anyone had any luck or received a patch to be able to use Vec software (todos card reader) with the new Vista operating system? The only laptops available new, are running Vista and I'm not sure if I should take mine back and buy a used one or give this one (Toshiba Satellite) a chance any...
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    MD/VA/PA Tech Event at Keen Dodge 8-12

    Not sure what it's all about but I will be there. Does anyone know the times or details?
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    I love how low my baby looks with the Eibach springs and new color. I know we have some Vipers that are even lower (like Lenny's) if anyone wants to share their "slammed" look
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    I enjoyed doing the one under the hood so I decided to do one in the trunk devoid of the edging. When I made my template I should have used something a little heaver than paper so it would lay flatter to help avoid overspray
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    Finally done & won best in show

    After many months and many hours of work I finally have my baby back together and home. There was a local car show today (about 65 cars) at the Steppingstone museum and I decided to take the snake just for fun, well it ended up winning peoples choice “best in show” and I was excited to see all...
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    Random Tech/ a view from the top

    Thought you might like to see Random Tech's 3" X pipe and tips from a view you don't normally get to see
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    Sneaky Peat is Alive

    Just wanted to share the photos of the under hood insulator I painted this afternoon Before Red coat Red taped ready for silver After
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    uncovered rear end

    Thought while I was working on the car you guys/gals might want to see what the rear frame assemble looks like. Certainly made it easy adding the 3:55 gears, drop springs and fitting 3” exhaust. Can’t wait to post a photo of it repainted and all together again :2tu:
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    Happy New Year to you all! I will be painting my 02 yellow RT/10 this winter and wanted to add a rear spoiler, I was going to go custom but just can’t do it fast enough and still get it to the body shop. I was wondering if you guys had a favorite and where to get it? Any photos would be...
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    Maryland Tuner Wanted

    I’m looking for a good and reliable Viper tuner in MD or North-East PA. For head, cam, exhaust and power tuning. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you and Have a Merry Christmas!!
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    Spend my money

    If you had 10,000 to spend on a stock 02 RT/10 with 5,500 miles, HOW WOULD YOU SPEND IT???? anything goes!
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    Ever had this happen

    I have an o2 yellow RT/10 (awesome) a couple of weeks ago the battery light came on then went off again. Today I stopped at a gas station and when I went to leave the car went dead like it grounded out. I was able to get a jump from a big roll-back a normal truck wouldn't turn the motor more...