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    Pics of My Lemke 3-Piece, Finally! Lol!

    Guys, I've Been Away for Awhile & Hope these Pics will Turn Out, If Not I'll Have to Re-Size Them!
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    Looking for a lil' Feedback!

    If I remember correctly someone on here posted about how to remove the decals on your visors. I made a few for my car & put one on temporarily & was just wondering if ya'll think it looks OK or should I just leave the orginal decals on. Thanks
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    Objects in Mirror

    The wording objects in mirror are closer than they appear (only on passenger side) does anybody know if there's anyway to get it off. I know its probably etched into the mirror but I would think there's someway to get it off. I tried goof off & used a razor to try & scrape it off but each to no...
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    Hood won't Open!

    Guys, any of you ever had this happen (2000 rt/10) when I pull the lever the left side will release just a lil' bit but you can tell the right side is not releasing at all! I tried to pull up the left side but the right side is not moving. You can tell when you pull the lever it doesn't have...
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    Still tinkering with the interior!

    First pic is before & 2nd pic is after (All I did was polish the door sills & paint the lettering & stripes black, and changed out the pedals, can't believe I actually found some the same color as my interior). Guys just to let you know I'm not a big fan of a lot of that cheesy stuff that the...
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    OK Guys, Do I HAVE to put 500 miles on them!

    Finally put the 3.55's in & was wondering do I HAVE to put the whole 500 miles on them BEFORE I test the waters?
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    98' Viper with Automatic Trans.

    Anybody know the story about this one for sale on fleabay!
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    WOW, Guys you ever seen this Good of a Deal?

    43k for an 06' B/W Coupe, Mint! Tried calling the # & its no longer in service or been dis-connected. What's the old saying, if it looks to good to be true!
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    2013 Most Dangerous CAR!

    The Dodge Ram 1500 is considered the Most Dangerous CAR in 2013. Is this truck really that Dangerous & what am I missing here?
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    Looks to much like 2013 Viper?

    Guys, when I first saw this BMW Zagato, I thought it looked ALOT like the Viper? I know not all the curves are exactly the same but to me its Very Similar! jmo
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    Just found out something I didn't know!

    The hinge on my door (driver side) had broken about 3-4 months ago & I just had it fixed, but it still wouldn't stay open Unless I opened it all the way. I called Kurtis (didn't know if I could mention vendor but they are a supporting vendor) & he told me that these cars have 1 lobe where as...
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    Can you believe anybody would do this to a B/W Coupe!

    Didn't know if it had ever been posted on here before, so I thought I would share.:nono:
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    OK, don't lie, how many have bid on this?

    does anybody know where this is? Bohemia, United States! (its on fleabay, in case you're interested)
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    Last Minute Suggestions

    OK, guys I'm taking her to my interior guy in a couple of days & I'm going to get him to do the center console in black, do the bottom of the doors in black (would they look better vinyl, or with the carpet & I'm gonna paint the lil' speakers (tweeters?) black. I don't want all black but I...
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    Snake Eyes for an 2000 RT/10

    Guys, I was told that someone in your region does them & I was wanting a lil' info if you still do them, Thank You!
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    Please give me some ideas or opinions

    I'm either thinking about dyeing the carpet on the bottom of the doors black or just replacing them with something nicer, whether it's carpet or vinyl or leather. Give me some ideas or your opinion as to what you think would look better. Do you think they would look better black or just leave...
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    Guys, do any of you use that z-max micro lubricant

    I know it may have to do with how much modding you've done also, but do you use any kind of special lubricants or additives.
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    Why would SRT not advertise?

    I was just watching some of the commercials & thought why would they not advertise the NEW Viper!
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    Vipers on speed channel (Pass Time)

    I don't know if this was an old epsiode but I hadn't seen it before. Just caught the last 15 minutes & I gotta say I was a lil' surprised by the ET's. They were All TT cars with at least 1000k or more hp, & I think the best time I saw was a 10.75, all the rest were mid to high 11's. BUT in their...
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    received an official entry form for the drawing last week

    I wondering if anybody knew how the sales were going, also read if they don't sell enough tickets that they wouldn't be giving the Gen 4 ACR-X away. Also seems like a pretty awesome deal for Venom members (6 tickets for $500).
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    opened the drivers door & something went POP

    00' rt/10 if that matters, I just opened it & heard a loud pop. Now the door won't stay open (passenger door when opened will stay open until I close it). Any suggestions, Thanks.
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    Hot air coming from passenger side

    Guys, A couple of months ago I had the Random Techs installed & several days ago I was standing beside my car & noticed some hot air was coming from the passenger side & then I went to the drivers side & nothing. Took the car back to muffler shop & they said it wasn't a leak, just some **** back...
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    car is 11 years old

    I put some new tires on my 00' RT/10 several months back & I've owned the car for 9 months, I've never had the front end aligned. Do you think I should go ahead & do it now & I've heard it helps to have a lil' toe-in on the rear tires (suppose to help for control) Is there any truth to that...
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    Would you run for Pinks?

    If someone you didn't know ask you if you would run for Pinks would you? In a 1/4 mile.
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    Why can't I view Pics

    I've tried looking up some threads or posts for how-to's or just going back to some old PM's & the pics (photobucket) says this image or video has been deleted or moved & I can't see the Pics. What do I need to do. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but help! Thanks