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    Sunday Luncheon

    Not a single response? What's with this place lately!
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    Sunday Luncheon

    Hey all! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! David (demoman) and I are planning a lunch get together in Orlando on Sunday December 11th. Time: 12:30 Location: Route-46 Address: 4316 W. State Road 46 Sanford, FL 32771 Here is a link to the restaurant:
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    central florida dealerships to get service?

    Brian over at Phillips Dodge in Ocala has worked on mine several times. He has quite a following. Call me if you have any questions as i don't frequent VCA that much. I live in Ocala by the way. 352-425-5622
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    Ocala Grad Prix GOKART!

    Sorry that i didn't post this sooner! Hey yall! Perfect weather is coming and its time to get our Vipers out and have some fun! The Date: Sunday November 13th. The Time: 10am. Ocala Granx Prix 4121 Northwest 44th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482 We all arrive at Ocala Grand Prix at 10am...
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    Gen V Belanger exhaust "how to" Photo intensive!

    Depends on where you buy i them i suppose. My setup was $4k. I am working on a video :)
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    Gen V Belanger exhaust "how to" Photo intensive!

    Here is a picture of that heat wrap installed on the mufflers/resonators Passenger side o2 sensor wiring Drivers side o2 sensor wiring You can see the tack weld on the clamp. I drilled it out so that i could rotate the clamp. When i reinstalled the tip it didn't come into contact with...
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    Gen V Belanger exhaust "how to" Photo intensive!

    13. The exact same process is used to remove the drivers side sill. 14. The cat back seemed unusually easy to remove. My car has 10k of miles and there was just a little surface rust which worried me at first but there is literally only 1 clamp you have to remove to get the exhaust off. First...
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    Gen V Belanger exhaust "how to" Photo intensive!

    This is a "how to" on a full Belanger exhaust for 2013+ Vipers. This is the catted setup. I would assume that the instructions below would work for American Racing, M&M, and other brands. I am not a technician but have some experience turning a wrench and the confidence to work on my Viper. My...
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    Vipers on the Beach!

    ***? Your going to be down here?! I have off saturday too. Stop by the house or lets meet up man! Peter
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    Vipers on the Beach!

    Dang, not a single response? C'mon locals! Up to nearly 20 Vipers going!
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    Vipers on the Beach!

    Hey everyone! Having a get together for all Vipers and Viper trucks on July 24th in Daytona! Planning on meeting up around 11:30 for a cruise of main street and then lunch. Not 100% sure on all the details but already have 10+ cars going! Let me know if you'd like to participate Peter
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    Finally, taking wheels off the easy way

    nice thats a good idea
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    First photoshoot

    For those that haven't, race you're Viper at WannaGoFast! What an experience. I hired a photographer to take some pics of the car. I thought it turned out well!
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    Mopars @ Don Garlitz

    Hey all, Haven't been posting much lately but I wanted to let everyone know that this weekend is the annual Mopar show at Don Garlitz. My Viper and SRT10 will be in the show. Give me a shout if your planning on going!
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    Show us your garage!

    Vipers are so dang wide. The truck and the Viper don't sit next to each other very nicely in my front garage. Can barely get in either of themlol
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    Viper is home

    Isn't it weird how "Sean" is pronounced Shawn? Looks like "seen" to me...
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    Viper is home

    Wow... This thread got out of hand quickly! Nice car... Sorry you went through some ****. I bought my car sight unseen too from some crappy cell phone pics lol. Was assured it was perfect- and it pretty much was. A gamble. It's all good. At the end of the day you have to either...
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    Whats the funniest thing anyone has ever asked or said about your viper?

    I love that. That's what AMERICA is about baby! Fortunately for me my neighbors like my noisy vehicles ;)
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    Whats the funniest thing anyone has ever asked or said about your viper?

    Best one so far... "That's a 1998 right?"
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    Here is the pic Looks amazing! URL=][/URL]

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