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    Gen 3&4 Battery access cover replacement from Doug Shelby Engineering

    Battery access cover GEN 3&4 replacement Originally Posted by SSGNRDZ_28 DSE 03-10 SRT-10 quick release battery covers This is what you need for your Gen 3&4!! This replaces the factory battery access cover which if you have had to remove and...
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    Building the GenV hood

    Found this in latest issue of Sorry for the double post. After 4 pages and being so intrigued by the great potato debate going on that I forgot what even started the original thread. :confused:
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    Which One? Autobahn or BeaveRun for SRT Experience

    Getting ready to sign up for my SRT track day experience that came with the Viper. I live in central Indiana and looking at the schedule in August dates are available for The Autobahn track in Joliet Illinois or in Sept. at BeaveRun in Pennsylvania. No prior track or racing experience so I was...
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    Viper owner demographics????

    Out of curiosity what are the demographics of Viper owners. Have seen typical Vette and Mustang owner stats but never Viper. :dunno:
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    The Finish Line Photo at CAAP July 1st

    I just picked up my freshly framed panoramic photo that was taken and sold by Competition Graphics at The Finish line Event at CAAP on July 1 2010. Finished it in a black border with a SSG frame. Looks great!! imo ANYWAY, I was interested in knowing who everyone is in the photo with their...

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