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    2008 End of Season Report from the Woodhouse Windshield

    2008 End of Season Report from the Woodhouse Windshield Viper friends, car enthusiast friends and just good friends; the 08 season transitioned me from being your scribe; as I did responsibly for you in 2005, 06 and 07, to one of an occasional brief on say 5 events at once. None of the reasons...
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    The GT race report from the windshield of Bob Woodhouse

    St. Petersburg, Fl. Round Two of the Speed World Challenge. 4/3/2006 Dear reader, I wish it were possible to put you in this experience, to give you the anxiety, disappointment, adrenaline; all those feelings, and that’s before you get in the race car. The acceleration, braking and corner...
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    Dodge Viper and Naykid Racing to challenge the Corvettes.

    NayKid Racing Adds Woodhouse, World’s Largest Viper Dealer, to Runoffs Effort PUYALLUP, Wash., September 12, 2005 – Two of the biggest names associated with Dodge’s Viper SRT10 will combine for an assault on the 2005 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Presented by Kohler®. NayKid Racing...
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    Dodge Viper and Naykid Racing are challengine the Corvettes

    This week we will find out if Dodge Viper will own a National Championship in the SCCA Club Racing T1 class. Please join the Woodhouse Auto Family in your support of Naykid Racing and their drivers Scotty B. White and Cindi Lux. Corvette has owned this class since 200l when Bobby Archer...
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    Denver Grand Prix, 8/15/2005 Round Nine of the Speed World Challenge GT.

    This report just placed in the Comp Coupe Speed GT forum. Enjoy.
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    Portland International Raceway 7/30/2005 Round Eight of the Speed World Cha

    A race report from the #13 Woodhouse Viper Comp Coupe windshield. Still awash in “feel good feelings” from the 6th place finish at Infineon and qualifying 9th for today’s Portland Speed World Challenge GT race; had us pumped about garnering a top 10 finish. To bolster that thought, I had...
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    Look under SCCA Speed GT World Challenge for the Woodhouse Windshield

    Sebring 2005 Round One of the Speed World Challenge GT. A race report as seen from the windshield of the Woodhouse Viper Comp Coupe Find this report below in Competition Coupe Racing forums/ posted today 3/20/05
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    Speed WCGT Rds 6 & 7 at Mosport as seen through the Woodhouse windshield

    The famous Mosport Racing Circuit; immortal in road racing circles. What a kaleidoscope of experiences we had this past four days of August 5 – 8 at this track near Toronto Ca. My perception of this track before coming was that it was fast, famous, unforgiving and difficult to master. I...
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    Mid-Ohio race report from the Woodhoue windshield

    27/2004 Mid Ohio Speed TV World Challenge GT Race as seen from the Woodhouse Viper windshield. Round Three of 2004. Forgive me for being slightly Viper slanted in this report. There is no question that the Dodge Vipers have created an air of presence in the WCGT series this year. Of 34...
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    To the memory of Paul Mumford..long....

    To the memory of Paul Mumford: Paul Mumford Lives ……in the hearts and minds of thousands of car enthusiasts ………. PMUM; as he became known to his automotive friends, began as his E-Mail address. The frequent readers of forums regularly looked for his signature. They knew...
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    First time seat set-up for Competition Coupes

    Frank Barba among others have some seat questions. Here is my experience: On the drivers seat you will notice the seat does not face forward, it is pointed about 15 degrees outboard. This works but I prefer to be facing parallel with the axis of the car or slightly pointed inboard. If you...
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    Viper Crash at Speed World Challenge

    OH MY GOSH I must tell you all thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Viper Nation has been so concerned about the welfare of me and the McCanns after the pounding we all took on the next to last lap of the Speed WC-GT race at Road America. Calls have been coming in all day today. I love...
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    Comp Coupe: First Race; First Impressions: Thunderhill

    "So Howdjyalikeit?" That was the most common way people introduced themselves to the Comp Coupe owners over the week-end at Thunderhill last Saturday and Sunday. First I must tell you how fortunate I feel for being the owner of one of these beasts. Eric Petersen, Tommy Archer, John...
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    First Impressions of the Comp Coupe...

    Fellow Viper Comp Coupe Followers: In the tradition of Frank Parise, I shall share some beginning experiences with you about our beloved new cars. The company direction this car represents is consequential and I expect that soon it should come into the spotlight. Once the media get an idea...
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    SRT/10 Observations: or A second look at a first impression (long)

    Have you ever caught yourself resisting change? What I have read on this board about the new SRT-10 tells me that many of us have. I catch myself all the time. Which is what urged me to write this note to you all. I had some private moments in our dealership Viper Pit yesterday with...
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    Viper Racing?

    most of your questions can be answered by going to
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    New Adjustable front stabilizer bar/testing completed/available to ship in two weeks

    Find all the info and pics on our site at Click on the brakes/suspension button. The need for this bar has been out there for years and many of us have talked about developing one, including Eric Messley and Ron Adee, both famous for their speed. Well here it is...
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    Brake Secrets of the Viper

    Due to the recent thread on brakes where there were over 60 posts, I thought this might be of some interest to many track-minded Viper owners. The photo here is the front brake assembly of my 96 GTS. We participate in the Skip Thomas Viper Racing League as #13, GT-1 spec. The brake system has...
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    JRZ Shocks for 96 GTS

    Frank, Make sure you have 2.25" dia springs matched to the same dia seat (perch) or a 2.50" spring with appropriate seat, they could be mismatched. You might have helper springs. If so verify that you have an alignment collar between the helper and main spring. If all of this looks right...
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    Side pipes on 99 RT/10

    Brad, Lots of suppliers for these, Borla, Corsa, Belanger, etc. Suppliers include, the ViperShop (Dan Cragin) ourselves, and so on. You can use side sills from earlier from the RT/10 or fiberglas ones from Autoform. E for added help to Nancy...
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    question about PVO

    Performance Vehicle Operations is a new name for the hot rod corner of the D/C brand. Viper Team and some others have evolved to this. Also used to be known as Specialty Vehicle Ops I think. All of the performance models of each model such as the Intrepid R/T will be their resonsibility.
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    Curtains for Coupes

    I wonder if any of you are thinking of what is about to take place in the Viper Nation? In a year or less you will not be able to buy a new Viper GTS coupe. Yes, the convertible comes to us as an 03 with no stablemate. The earliest prediction of a coupe coming back to market will be 05 or...
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    Has anybody had there car acrylik coated?

    It's called Zaino and you can do it yourself for less if you are a dogged car buff kinda guy.Ahem
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    Viper Daytona Coupe now in production at Autoform

    News Release to the Viper Nation: limited production Viper Daytona Coupe is now released. Serial No. 01 is destined for California. The year 2000 was again a benchmark in Viper racing history beginning with the Daytona 24 hrs. The licensing rights have just been secured, and the first of...
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    Any Viper events in the mid eastern states?

    You Bet, go to

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