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    F/S: X Metal Throttle Body

    I sold the Viper with the original TB back on it. I have this X Metal TB with about 5000 trouble-free miles on it. There are extra parts with it and it does need to be assembled but the original directions are still included. Best Offer - can email picture.
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    Gen III Startup

    Question for all of you: When you start up, do you step on the brake as well as the clutch or do you use the hand brake instead? Mine doesn't fire up if I step on the brake; it will turn over though.
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    Like New Kooks Header/Cat System

    These were too loud for me with the crossovers removed. :( There's only about 500 miles on them. They look great and good noticeable performance improvement - 25 hp (I noticed the drop in performance with them out). They are a difficult install being a one piece header. These were $2800 - I...
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    10 spoke vs H spoke

    Are the H rims lighter than the 10 spoke rims of 2003-06? How much lighter?
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    Check Out Current BusinessWeek Mag

    There's a good short article about the new Chrysler team running our car company. You'll get an idea of what's motivating the new power players at Cerebrus/Chrysler. :omg:
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    Mopar SRT10 Viper Race Exhaust (catless)?

    Has anyone installed this system on an otherwise stock SRT10 Viper? Does it accept the O2 sensors in the stock locations? Mopar sells this so I was wondering about the install and the sound. I hate to mess with the cats but the heat without having to turn on the A/C is getting to me. I...
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    Viper SRT Herk & ****

    Is this normal? It seems to be getting a little worse: At low speeds and decelerating, the drivetrain slop is quite obvious - you can feel it from the seat back and the jerking similar to lugging but it's not. It's especially apparent in second gear when cruising under 20 mph. The Viper...
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    DC Perf Computer Reflash for 05

    I thought I'd share my experience with Cragin's re-programming for my 05 commemorative which is no longer **** stock! It was an excellent mod and very easy to install. I went the new controller route with the 170 thermo. I wasn't going to do the 170 but Dan recommended it; I was afraid it...
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    Vegas Dyno - 06 Z06 vs 05 Viper

    Last night I went down to Leading Edge Performance courtesy of Bridges Performance Dyno (until LEP gets their own put in) for a baseline run and guess what was in front of me - a new Z06 barely broken in. We both had a couple of runs: He got 450 hp andf 425 ft-lbs. I got 430 hp and 475 ft...
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    Window Tinting

    Those of you who had their windows tinted, can you tell me of your experience with them such as effectiveness, quality, and what type of film?
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    Random Cats

    I'm thinking of getting these Random Tech cats that PartsRack sells for $600 for my stock exhaust system on my 05. Anyone go this route? How did you like it and how did the install go?
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    Missed my appointment cleaning the Viper

    My Viper wasn't filthy but it wasn't pristine either. This Saturday morning I though I would dry clean because there's a pretty chilly wind going on out there so.........three hours later of elbow greasing and CRIPES! I missed my therapy appointment for my back! With my obsession for this car...
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    Long Distance Cruising

    Drove my new Viper up to San Jose, CA from Las Vegas for the Thanksgiving holidays: It's almost 600 miles and I did it just under 9 hours. I was pretty comfortable and had the top down for a good part of the way. The time seemed to zip by because I was so enthralled by the car. I averaged 65...
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    I got my flamesuit on but......(cruise control)

    Have any of you installed the cruise control such as the one offered by Snake-Oyl? Did it work well and is it reliable without causing warranty problems?
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    For those of you with Motons or even KWs:

    The Viper's ride is a little jiggly at times; do the Motons or the KWs smooth this out?
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    Airbox Decals

    Does anyone know of a vendor that sells decals to finish out the "505" lettering on top of the airbox?
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    Drivetrain Slop

    I'm breaking in my new 05 and have been noticing slight "clunks" from my backside, particularly when I shift into 5th (at low rpms). Any of you notice this?
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    What have I done!

    I took the leap; I bought a new Commemorative Editon from the local dealer who made an excellent deal for me (with the grinding haggling of course) but I had to trade in my Infinity to afford it. Yes, this Viper is my daily driver for a while! My current lifestyle (not so current; it's been...
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    Need Help from you Viper Experts

    I'm in the market for my first Viper; I owned a 2001 Vette Conv modified that was fun to drive but a lemon to own. I don't want to repeat that experience; too many trips to the dealer for warranty work. I had 36K miles on that one. I'm looking at an 04 used but was thinking I should get a new...