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    Thoughts on buying a Manufacturer buy back car

    The black one looks like Kristopher Bush's 2014. Maybe he can chime in on it?
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    WTB: Gen 4 Wheel/Tires (OEM or Aftermarket)

    Got a buddy looking to replace two curbed wheels, so ideally a front and rear Alcoa 5 spoke wheel (2010-specific wheel, non-ACR) would be perfect, but he is also open to a full set of aftermarket wheels. Send me a PM or email at [email protected] with what you have, thanks! -Jason
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    Bob, just wanted to point off that stability control can be completely turned off. You can't do it by pressing the ESC button multiple times, as you do when going to sport/track/rain/on. I got to the track setting, and just held down the ESC button for several seconds, and then everything was...
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    7 YR. Warranty on Viper

    The lifetime is not available anymore though, right?
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    7 YR. Warranty on Viper

    $1300 is a killer price, wish there were still deals like that around.
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    Returning to the Viper world: Gen5...How different from previous Gen4 and Gen2?

    Had a 2008 Gen IV that I daily drove, and put almost 48,000 miles on over the course of four years. Had a Lamborghini Gallardo after that, and am now back in a 2013 Launch Edition Viper. Got the car with 16 miles on it, and in the 9 or 10 days I've been able to drive it, I've put over 800...
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    OEM Wheel Specs (Specifically Offset)

    I've put 550 miles on mine in one week, and 3 of those days I didn't drive it to work because I needed my 4 door. You will have no problem with it as a daily, good luck!
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    General Owners Concensus on the Gen 5

    This car is what I consider to be perfect. Great power, unique styling, and a ton of creature comforts. The radio/nav system is great and the 18 speaker stereo is great for a factory system, with good bass and treble. I love the stereo controls on the back side of the spokes, and the back-up...
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    Gen 5 power mods

    I believe that car is at D3 Engineering in Houston now.
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    Gen 5 power mods

    Yes, there are a couple of cars out there running aftermarket ECU. I believe one car out there has a bolt-on TT kit, but they lost the factory dash when going Stand Alone.
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    $15,000 coupon delivered today by UPS

    Bill, do you know what the cutoff date is to qualify for the $15,000 voucher? The announcement was made on September 8th, so curious if people that bought before the announcement will qualify. Say if the paperwork was signed on September 5th?.
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    audio level on TA models

    I use Spotify or music on my iphone 95% of the time I'm driving, and it's always higher quality (same thing on my 2013 Lexus). My bluetooth is jumpy/skips, so not sure if my old iPhone5 *****, or if the car is the issue. When I plug into USB though, everything is fine.
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    audio level on TA models

    I'm assuming the complaints are from those using radio or satellite? The 18 speaker via music on my iPhone is very loud. I keep it between 12 and 15 on the volume meter when driving, and it has good bass. Although, I have noticed different cars' sound systems vary. My 2008 had better bass...
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    Yellow GTS desert photoshoot

    Interesting, that's a GTS but it has the SRT stripes on it. First one I've seen like that.
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    Rebate on ge 5 coming this week

    We'll see if after April Fool's is over, it's true ;)
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    Comp Blue Yes or No

    Glad to see they finally made this color, probably the first customer car I've seen.
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    Competition Blue Viper:

    How come we haven't seen a single Competition Blue for sale or in production? Even Stryker green is already in production.
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    Observations while Twin Turbocharging a 2014 SRT GTS

    Of course I remember, and I'm actually one of the owners of DR now. Mr. Big is actually into baggers right now, and has one of the most beautiful ones I've seen. When you say it wouldn't be lucrative to reproduce, I'm curious the basis for that? It seems like the fabrication work is...
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    Observations while Twin Turbocharging a 2014 SRT GTS

    Thanks for posting! Actually, we know each other through DallasRacing, back when it was a private site. I believe Mr. Big invited you over there? Hadn't heard from you in a long time, glad to see you came over to the dark side. Viper > Vette :) Pretty cool picture! I typically do all my...

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