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    Sunday Luncheon

    Hey all! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! David (demoman) and I are planning a lunch get together in Orlando on Sunday December 11th. Time: 12:30 Location: Route-46 Address: 4316 W. State Road 46 Sanford, FL 32771 Here is a link to the restaurant:
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    Ocala Grad Prix GOKART!

    Sorry that i didn't post this sooner! Hey yall! Perfect weather is coming and its time to get our Vipers out and have some fun! The Date: Sunday November 13th. The Time: 10am. Ocala Granx Prix 4121 Northwest 44th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482 We all arrive at Ocala Grand Prix at 10am...
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    Gen V Belanger exhaust "how to" Photo intensive!

    This is a "how to" on a full Belanger exhaust for 2013+ Vipers. This is the catted setup. I would assume that the instructions below would work for American Racing, M&M, and other brands. I am not a technician but have some experience turning a wrench and the confidence to work on my Viper. My...
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    Vipers on the Beach!

    Hey everyone! Having a get together for all Vipers and Viper trucks on July 24th in Daytona! Planning on meeting up around 11:30 for a cruise of main street and then lunch. Not 100% sure on all the details but already have 10+ cars going! Let me know if you'd like to participate Peter
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    First photoshoot

    For those that haven't, race you're Viper at WannaGoFast! What an experience. I hired a photographer to take some pics of the car. I thought it turned out well!
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    Mopars @ Don Garlitz

    Hey all, Haven't been posting much lately but I wanted to let everyone know that this weekend is the annual Mopar show at Don Garlitz. My Viper and SRT10 will be in the show. Give me a shout if your planning on going!
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    Ocala Meet pics!

    Few pics from the Viper meet i held at cars and Coffee and then the BBQ at my house. 9 Vipers Every Generation Even a Viper truck to complete the ensemble! Also can someone please embed these videos for me so that they show up here? I can't figure out how to do it...
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    Went to the Strip!

    Gainesville Raceway Wow what a great time. And... wow you guys that race these cars have some skills! Best of 4 runs was 12.37 Time 122.59 Speed 2.34 60' It was around 90 degrees (at night) and crazy humidity. I wanted to get into the 11's but just couldn't launch the...
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    Ocala Meet

    Hey everyone! I want to organize a Viper meet. Ocala Cars & Coffee is the first Sunday Morning of every month. I'd like to invite as many Viper's and Viper owners as possible to Cars & Coffee, and then I want to host a party at my house. We have a pool and I figure we can grill out...
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    Lots of snakes

    SO I have owned my Viper for a month now. This dang car has changed my life I swear! I want to ask a question though. Are you guys happy with just one? two ? three? I have been having this overwhelming desire to have like 4-5 Vipers. Like seriously.... 4-5 Vipers just for me... Mine.... Not...
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    Orlando Meet up

    Many thanks to those that met up in Orlando last night! Pretty cool that we line the cars up and within like 3 minutes, 60 or so people come to take pictures and drool all over the cars. Viper's really are celebrities! Been a long time since Ive heard a Gen I Viper!
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    Add to the list...

    This popped up on my dash this morning... What's this all about, should I be worried? Another thing to add to the list when I go to Chrysler Speakers, dr side wind noise, and this.
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    Horribly Famous...

    Looks like Yahoo found the car and did a write-up about it.****-keyed-viper-caused-34-000-worth-damage-200011268.html
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    PHOTO INTENSIVE... er wait.... this forum doesn't allow me to post more than 25 pics.... so i had to post them all on VTCOA. Here's the link... ENJOY!
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    Freshly waxed

    Waxed for the first time! I can't believe how beautiful this car is. I never thought id like the blue so much without white stripes- but damn i do! Also the car that started it all! Me at age 15 standing next to a Viper GTS at Lime Rock Park Raceway. It was at the Shelby meeting and i got...
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    I did it.

    After 20 years of wanting one. Hundreds and hundreds of hours playing all the Gran Turismo games, standing next to dozens while people take my picture next to someone else's Viper... I am now an owner. First and foremost thanks to my wife who has supported me and gave me her precious little...
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    Thankyou Bill

    Thankyou Bill Pemberton. Will post pics soon fellas ;););););););););) :headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang:
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    2015 GTS

    Might be looking at a 14 GTS Red with Camel interior this weekend. Has 2500k miles on it. They are asking 69k. Is that a good price? Thanks Peter
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    Viper plant

    Tried searching on google but didn't come up with anything conclusive. A friend and I want to visit the Viper plant. Is that possible? Do they offer tours? Does anyone know, or can you point me in the right direction please? Thanks, Peter
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    Viper models

    Hey all, Anyone know where I can buy a Die-cast Viper that is 1/10 or 1/12th scale? Gen 3-4-5 only please. Thanks. Peter
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    2015 Viper

    So I am actively looking for a Viper. Yesterday me and a friend went to a Dodge dealer that had a new GT in stock. It wasn't an ideal color (black) or had ideal wheels (black) but I would still consider it if they price was right. I had never heard the Gen V car before yesterday...
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    hey everyone!

    hey everybody! I'm currently a member of as I own a 2005 Ram SRT10 QUAD CAB and I installed a T56 in it. Late next year I am going to find and buy a new SRT Viper! The Viper has been my dream car since 1996 with the original GTS I have extensive, endless track time with it in Gran...

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