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    Selling My 2006 Convertible

    Your Viper looks to be in near perfect condition, Where are you located ? I am currently in Florida and will be traveling to Vermont. Thank you, Lou
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    For sale: 1995 RT/10 all original

    My guess is that It is an earlier model...and the general appetite is for more creature comfort and higher horsepower... Can you get some more detailed pics of the leather seats and dash...cant remember If it has a.c.? How are the tires and the exhaust system original?? Thanks Lou
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    For sale: 1995 RT/10 all original

    Randy. Can you send me additional pictures. Thank you Lou Patane
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    Mid-Engined Dodge Viper Rendered as C8 ChevroletCorvette Rival-Auto Evolution

    I can tell you that a mid engine generation was on the strategic horizon but a transaxle was the next logical update to the car which would help move that weight and center further rearward...after the 2000 Rolex win sole dedication was to establish.. for history ...the VIPER as the most...

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