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    Catless Check Engine Light

    When I bought my car it had a ridiculous frankenstein of an exhaust on it that droned like crazy and had multiple exhaust leaks. I have since removed the crappy jiffylube special cats and exhaust and put on a Corsa with a piece of pipe where the cat used to be. The car didn't seem to notice or...
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    Power Window Issue

    Ever since I bought my car, neither of the power windows will automatically roll up to seat inside the window seal when you close the door. They do roll down the small amount when you open the door, but I always have to then hold the switch to push them back up when I close the door. They also...
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    Coils and Plugs?

    A couple weeks ago I got into my second Viper -- a 2004 SRT10. It has only 25,000 miles and I've already replaced all the fluids on the car, as well as the spark plugs. Should I go ahead and change out the plug wires and ignition coils too given the car's age?

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