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  1. 70mopars

    OBD monitoring app?

    I haven't spent more than 1 minute (without success) trying to figure out how to get the timing dials or gauges to work, but they should. Everything else I tried did. My phone is on Apple IOS, so I am using wireless Carplay. Torque doesn't run on Apple. But my previous car radio is Android and...
  2. 70mopars

    Interesting Computation

    Maybe the gas station pumps need to be calibrated. Or it's intentional to make a higher profit. ;-)
  3. 70mopars

    New to Viper Family .. GEN III - RED - MIAMI AREA

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll love driving it. You're in the area so I'm sure I'll see you at some shows.
  4. 70mopars

    2005 Viper (poor man) Wheel Jacks

    Nice, I like it! The only thing you left out was the where and how much. I checked on ebay and didn't find anything.
  5. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    I'll have to check it out. Thanks Serb
  6. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    Penelope is pretty much what I've decided on, hence the avatar Pepe who happens to also be called my first name in a few strips. I still call her Sasha to my wife. I gotta capitalize on the fact that she's in this with me!
  7. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    A new character to look into. I'll have to read some strips. Thanks.
  8. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    I knew he looked familiar.
  9. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    That's got potential... I like the stripe on your character. Who is he and from which movie?
  10. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    And a big shout out to Bonkers for his NoV. While I didn't buy this through NoV, I still check it out every edition.
  11. 70mopars

    The new Other Woman

    Hello All, I recently decided to get rid of everything Classic Mopar and go with a Viper. I'm really lovin my new ride. As all my other mopars had names, this one has too also. For a refreshing change, my wife was getting into this too. She said the new "other woman" is sexy, and certainly...
  12. 70mopars

    Meet Meredith, my newest toy

    I was missing your lists. They did aid in my search and refinement of what I wanted vs what was a fair price. I did just get my Viper. So of course, I still review the NoV.
  13. 70mopars

    "Nest of Vipers" CL List 08/06/18

    Thanks for all your work on this. I REALLY missed it last week. I'm hoping to find my "new" viper here...

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