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    2000 dodge viper gts review

    Nice throwback to 2000. Was that the only silver/cognac/Canadian 2000 GTS?
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    Wreck on 1-10 saturday.....

    Same thing happened to me with my first Viper. Coming over the I-8 in California a truck with trailer wnted to get a better look. Got too close, starterd to brake, the empty trailer started to fishtail and he went off the road and down a ravine. A real mess and just for trying to get a...
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    Garage Viper Corner

    Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2002 Summer 2002 Summer 2003 Fall 2003 Winter 2003 Summer 2004 Winter 2005 Spring 2006 Winter 2006 Summer 2008
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    Garage Viper Corner

    If you come down toward San Diego, Let me know. There is the Carlsbad Cars and Coffee at the Carlsbad outlet mall from 7:30 -9:00 on Saturday if you are interested. I can bring them next week and you can pick from what I have left.
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    Garage Viper Corner

    Arizona Iced Tea is $1.49 a bottle. The List, for all who might be interested is as follows: Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2002 Summer 2002 Summer 2003 Fall 2003 Winter 2003 Summer 2004 Winter 2005 Spring 2006 Winter 2006 Summer 2008
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    Garage Viper Corner

    I have 13 left, $10 each I can send a list of issues if you like or make an offer for the lot.
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    Garage Viper Corner

    I had a rare Friday off and decided to work on the "Viper Corner". I picked up a set of Viper Magazine covers at VOI and framed my favorite 10. Now I'm out of wall space. I hate to break up the set, but I'll be posting the rest in the classified section for anyone who wants them.
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    A choice between two 97 dodge vipers, which do you think is a better pick?

    So where are the pictures of the new car? I would like to see it with the HRE's. Congratulations on the successful purchase!
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    Any Viper techs in San Diego?

    Thanks. Mike will be evaluating the car on Saturday.
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    Any Viper techs in San Diego?

    Hi, I am selling my 2005 with 9,000 miles and a perspective buyer is looking for a Viper Tech to do an inspection. Does anyone know of one in or near San Diego? Email me or post. Thanks! Kurt [email protected]
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    Hoping to join the ranks of the VCA! Looking for a 3. gen vert

    If you are serious and want something special, please look at my classified ad on this board. I am sure that we can work out a VCA member price. PM if you have any interest...
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    How does one register for the NYC reveal?

    Kaneda, I'm going and I can bring one guest. My wife can't make it so if you want to go, just let me know. Kurt
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    KNG Diffuser instaled!

    Thanks John for the diffuser fins. They are installed and look great. Much better than the pictures show. First I sprayed all parts with an acid primer, then three coats of flat black enamel. I needed to drill four very small holes that will never be noticed. Having a lift in the...
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    How many of you track your Vipers?

    Button Willow. Everyone tracks their cars, don't they? If you going to learn to drive a Viper, might as well get an instructor who knows the car inside and out.
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    What the heck is this?

    Why does it need extra strength? All my other harnesses are pretty stiff. I really only noticed it since I need to replace the coolant temperature sender and it was getting in the way.
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    What the heck is this?

    It is hard plastic or ceramic and it looks like it has a hole in the center. It is connected into what looks like a plastic wire loom that runs along the top of the engine underneath the manifold all the way back to the firewall.
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    What the heck is this?

    Today I was poking around the engine and see this thing that looks like a paper lollypop stick poking out below and between the throttle bodies. I tried to remove it and see that its connected to a hose that runs along the top of the engine underneath the manifold. What is this?
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    Big Brake Dave's car Killer deal

    You got an incredible deal. I saw the ad to late or I would have been fighting Carl for it. Dave taught me just about everything I know about Vipers and he did the DBB roll bar and big brake upgrade on my ACR himself. When Dave worked on my car he would leave his parked in my garage in case I...
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    Are Gen II seats interchangable?

    After 40,000 miles (10,000 on the track is one form or another) the drivers seat support is shot. I first noticed lots of foam chunks on the floor after a weekend at the track a few years ago. Now just about the entire cushion is toast. When I was cleaning the inside of the car, I noticed...
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    Those of you with kids....

    I have two kids. They were 8 and 14 when I got my first viper. The only solution was to buy two! It worked. But now that my son is in college what do I do with the second one?
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    Can you post up some Shop & Garage pix

    For the #91 posters look up seller pacof on e-bay. They are very high quality and not expensive at all. The frames and acrylic cost more than the posters.
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    Can you post up some Shop & Garage pix

    San Diego, CA (Since his retirement Herb lives in the back under the tool chest)
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    Windshield crack

    Argghhhh!. Pulled the Copperhead out of the garage this morning. Everything was fine. Waited 5 min for her to warm up. Hopped in and there is an 8 inch crack 3/4 of the way up on the passenger side. It wasn't there when I took the cover off in the garage. I looked more closely and it looks...
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    Made a rear hub torque tool - Wizard approved!

    What size socket fits the hub nut? Is it a special tool?
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    Car won't start?

    It does not turn over, the lights and radio do not appear to dim or quite when I hit the start button. I had my daughter hit the start button and watched the engine. It does shake. It looks like the starter tries to hit, can make it and shorts and then tries again. Only place open now is...

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