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    Happy 2017

    It is in my garage :) some pics of the new toy:
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    30 Cylinders

    Three V10's out for a Sunday Cruise. Lots of fun with different cars..still like my the best ;)
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    Classy Thank U Card from SRT

    Personalized thank u note that addresses u by name and mentions the dealer you purchased thru. They enclose a Stryker Logo flag that is a must for the wall of any garage with a snake in it. Very nice touch. Impressive. Well done.
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    SRT Dealers

    can someone recommend an experienced competent one in southeastern new England? I'm in Providence RI, looking to travel a maximum of 30 miles for one. Thnx in advance.
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    Dash question

    When I am stopped and put the clutch in & stick her in 1st my screen says "Ready" and shows a green path. Upon acceleration the path turns red and the "Ready" message turns into "cancelled" and below it says "speed must be zero". Always does this. Is it due to my timing being off, something to...
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    Can a V have an ACR paint scheme?

    Or do u think the clam shell hood makes it not flow as well ? Looks gorgeous on the IV
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    So Strange...

    Five weeks in & no issues...and then....about 8pm last nite the horn started to sound for five to ten seconds continuously. I hit unlock on the fob and rearmed her. About 6am this morning almost ten hours exactly it happened again. This time I double clicked the fob so as to unlock both doors...
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    Baby Viper

    Read something from December that said SRT would consider a production...seems really ridiculous....say it aint so...?
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    Drip Tray Question

    Have an extended height four post lift & store the snake on top. The lift came with three decent sized drip trays. I positioned two under the front/middle of the vehicle to cover any exposure to the many fluids contained around the engine bay. The third one I placed under the rear hatch...
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    Clutch Wear Question

    I understand that like tires, this inquiry is dependent on personal use/driving habits. In general though, for a non track user putting 2k annually or less on the motor, what would you say is the average clutch life expectancy? Cost to replace? Also my shift timing isn't 100% perfect(yet)...
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    Carbon Fiber Exterior Question

    Has anyone been able to order a set as of yet? I'd like to do the two front pieces in the splitter, the two pieces behind the driver and passenger doors, the rear tail light bezel piece, the small wing, the engine covers and the X brace. What is a reasonable price for all of these items...
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    Breaking In Question

    Went for a nice highway drive yesterday. This was a first forme in the beast as I kept her on local non-freeway roads with max speed of 5-mph for the first couple of weekends with the car. This time I did a decent run with a Lotus Evora; we went about 20 miles North (all highway) and then...
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    Fueling Question

    Finally located the gas tank release. For guys whom haven't searched yet its in an odd spot on the drivers side door underneath the arm rest & main gauges. Once pressed it releases the little chrome door on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. When you look inside though there's no gas...
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    Has anyone seen what the average dealer invoice is on a fully loaded (non LE/non Stryker) GTS model? My guess was 120-125k?
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    The Red Dragon

    My nanny was present when I took delivery and she swears I exclaimed this when I checked out the car. I must've. Makes sense. So her nickname has become "The Red Dragon." Did first run today. Only 10-15 miles. Clutch felt light and it seems like she wants to let out about 30% or so...
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    To whom ever gets the Shadow Blue I ordered at the end of the summer: have fun! Adrenaline Red has been really growing on me so I made the switch. Same interior and wheels as initially ordered. Sitting in the cockpit is amazing. The car is like a super hero or cartoon character! Lovely...
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    Venom Black GTS'S Inbound

    Two of my local dealers have venom black GTS vehicles listed as inbound or in transit on their websites. Wondering if this is a coincidence or if Dealers with multiple allocations are all getting these? Both subject dealers got Launch Editions and I know at least one had a red SRT car as well...
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    Can Reliable Deliver

    From Detroit to your front door or does it need to go to the dealership first ?
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    Proper Downshifting in the GenV

    Read the Owner's Manual on line a couple of times and while they talk about properly breaking in the car, there's no info on how to properly downshift. Upshifting is pretty obvious and there's really only one way to do it. But with downshifting there's a debate with manual transmissions as to...
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    Great April Fool's Day Joke

    Definitely "looked twice" at the home page header about the corvette club of america. Geat job!!:rolaugh::rolaugh::rolaugh::rolaugh:
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    CEO on Sirius Satellite

    It was on live at 8pm eastern time & i missed it. I think it was about the NY auto show so i suspect the gen v or at least the TA edition was discussed. Did anyone catch it? Can it be uploaded or linked here?
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    Cant believe I show up on psyched. For those in stage "Production Scheduled": I see "customer preferred package 21A" under "other(s)" What is this option? Under "additional features/packages" I had "car cover" listed there a couple of days ago and now its been changed to "mopar...
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    2014 Model Year

    With only 8 short months until 2014, when will opening for those orders take place? Will would-be wave 2 folks get priority? Will there be a larger or different color selection? What is the anticipated allocation/# of units to be sold? Will orange be limited to the "Time Attack" edition?
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    2nd Wavers

    Any other 2nd wavers out there? I know lots of folks on here are within the 1st wave of 800 orders taken and are patiently awaiting production & delivery. What about second wavers? have your orders been accepted by the factory? I placed my order in mid-late December 2012 with my dealer and...
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    Buying a Prior Gen After Buying a Gen V

    it dawns on me that i havent driven a manual transmission in 20 years and havent been in a viper in several. Was toying with the idea of actually picking up a prior generation model. I think Gen I is too raw and old skewl...ACR too unrealistic and I really like the body style of the Gen II...

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