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    WTB these parts for my Gen 1

    Looking for: Edelbrock headers Radio bezel Door bezel surround, drivers side Stanchion back cover, large hole, drivers side Hood grills, both 65mm Accufab throttle bodies Seat lowering kit Headlights :)
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    Looking for Gen 1 or 2 hardtop

    Looking a hardtop for my 95 RT
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    WTB passenger headlight for 95

    Lemme know what you have Thx
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    Polish light scratches on Vipermania windows

    I have a pair of Vipermania windows with some light scratches. Nothing fingernail deep. Any recommendations on what to polish them with? I believe their material is lexan and they are tinted from the factory. Is hand polishing okay? Or is orbital recommended? Thanks.
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    Clipping tab for bezel

    Does anyone know where I can source the metal clipping tabs for the bezel? These are the blade-like tabs that mount to the back of the bezel so that it can attach to the console. As best as I can tell, I have to purchase the whole bezel if I want these clips. I'm wondering if these tabs can...
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    I purchased a 95 Gen 1 with 46k miles and it didn’t come with the owners manual. I will be ordering both the owners and service manual. I have lots of questions but I don’t want to bombard the forum with my noob posts too much. Here’s a few: 1. The car came with a key fob. It seems to arm...

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