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    1997 Dodge Viper GTS // Photo Shoot in Boston

    looks amazing!!! Need to order some of the products ASAP. (Meguiar's, Optimum, Lusso, NanoSkin)
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    My new 2014 Viper

    Congrats, enjoy her in good health! Let the mods begin.
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    Charger Hellcat too

    2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat! The most powerful, quickest and fastest sedan: 1/4 Mile 11.0 seconds, 204 mph top speed, A supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 pumps out 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of twist, matted to a 8-speed transmission.
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    Yellow GTS desert photoshoot

    I was thinking the same thing.......... :drive:
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    Rare Viper to be Crushed

    What A Waste !!!! They should have Donated Minivans or Neons, but not this. At the least , Chrysler should take it back and the other 92 and put them into a Museum, or sell them to the Public
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    Viper Homecoming Detroit

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS! IT’S HOMECOMING TIME – JULY 18-20, 2014 Twenty years ago in July, Chrysler hosted the first Viper homecoming in Auburn Hills, which became the Viper Owners Invitational. Since this club is going back to its roots, we thought it would be appropriate to re-live the original...
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    GEN2 heads

    Hi, Do you still have the GEN2 heads for sale? Do you how approx. many miles are on them? How much are you asking for them? Thanks, Robert
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    I just placed a deposit on the C7 Z06 this morning. Cant wait for the reveal Monday morning!!!! :drive:
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    a prayer for my daughter tonight would be appreciated

    Happy New Year to your entire family and God Bless .
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    a prayer for my daughter tonight would be appreciated

    Praying for God's healing power, comfort, strength and a full recovery!
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    2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for it?

    Re: 2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for :needpics:
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    Annual update to 1996 GTS document

    Thanks, can you please make one for 1997? JK, Merry Christmas.
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    SRT All-Access in San Diego

    Thanks Paul for your very informative post (as usual). I love reading your posts! Cathy and I are on the waiting list for Thursday but unfortunately I don't think we made the cut. Our Email said we will be one of the first for the next All- Access next year.
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    If You Get a Postcard from Cadillac V-Series...

    Thanks the CTS-V is one of my favorite cars. I almost purchased one bu,t I purchased a C63 instead. :drive:
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    Thanks to SRT and Motor Village LA for a great day

    Cathy and I wanted to say a “Big Thank you” to Lance and everyone involved in coordinated this famous event and also to Dennis Lin and Mike Bell for hosting us with open arms. The event was first class, way beyond our expectations. It was also great to see everyone from the club, we don’t get...
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    Testing the waters on my Gen II ACR BBS wheels

    List them of on Dakota forums you will get ALOT more money for them then here.
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    looks Great!
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    Want to show off my new toy, well a little over a week old.

    Congrats! Enjoy in good health !! She is the best combo ever .....and Welcome to the B/W club
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    Anyone want to upgrade to a Gen IV?

    Great price good Luck with the sale. ( free bump)
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    Low profile jack for $77.99 @ Harbor Freight

    I have a brand new blue one from Harbor Freight for sale for $50 plus shipping. PM if interested.
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    Ralph's Superman VIPER T-shirt

    Thank for the link, that is just Stryker . I was thinking it was something different.
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    Are the spindles/brakes the same on the Gen 1 and Gen 2s ?

    Do you know if the spindles/brakes were the same on all models on the Gen 1 and Gen2s? Thanks, Robert

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