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    Missing my Viper...

    Another guy on here posted he wanted videos of Vipers, since he was away in Afghanistan... I know how it feels bro. I have been in Korea since Feb 2010. I was home in July 2011 and got to drive her for 1 week!!! :( I hit the drag strip and put a little footage of that in the video, along...
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    Plastic clutch piece (clutch pedal)

    I was home on leave in July and had my clutch/master and all that replaced. In the 2 weeks I had to drive it I broke two of these plastic bird cage clips that connect the clutch linkage. Now, am I putting it back on wrong? Do I need to lube the metal the clip slides onto? I replace it by putting...
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    Summer Goodies!!!

    Thanks JonB for the Kumho tires! Quick and easy customer service!
  4. Z

    Big Brake question

    Has anyone run Gen 2 front brakes all around? Would that still clear 17" wheels?
  5. Z

    Transmission Rebuild Central FL?

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows any good shops to get my transmission rebuilt. I have problems going into 3rd and reverse. My car is in Lakeland, FL. I also plan on swapping short throw shifter, clutch, flywheel, mounts (eng/trans), and cross member. Thanks! -Kent :drive:
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    Future plans for GTS.

    Hey all... I plan on doing a lil bumpin to the HP on my car, 98 GTS, sometime next year before I go to my next duty station. Now I hope to get Germany next, so I may be on the Autobahn and few trips to the Ring (won't run too hard). I do a little drag racing but I would like to start...
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    Viper registration

    Hey all! I plan (actually hope) to get stationed in Germany in 2 years at closest base to Nurburgring. Is there anything specific I need to alter on my Viper to get registered in Germany? Can you have tinted windows? Do you have to have catalytic converters (emissions)? Sound levels...
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    '98 GTS first time run

    Here is a video of the first track outing in my Viper. I had it for awhile before taking it to the track. Same mods as the Dyno thread. Mods and times are in video. I'm pissed I believe I was shifting at 6k RPM when I should shift around 5.5k... I originally thought I was but wasn't...
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    '98 GTS Dyno few bolt-ons

    Hello All! I got it dyno'd last year but never put it on this site. I figured I would put it up because A.) it could be helpful info and B.) I am bored in Korea and won't see my car for a year. :( It had K&N intake system, cat-less straight pipes(muffler was deleted and x-pipe put...

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