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    Garage Viper Corner

    I had a rare Friday off and decided to work on the "Viper Corner". I picked up a set of Viper Magazine covers at VOI and framed my favorite 10. Now I'm out of wall space. I hate to break up the set, but I'll be posting the rest in the classified section for anyone who wants them.
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    Any Viper techs in San Diego?

    Hi, I am selling my 2005 with 9,000 miles and a perspective buyer is looking for a Viper Tech to do an inspection. Does anyone know of one in or near San Diego? Email me or post. Thanks! Kurt [email protected]
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    KNG Diffuser instaled!

    Thanks John for the diffuser fins. They are installed and look great. Much better than the pictures show. First I sprayed all parts with an acid primer, then three coats of flat black enamel. I needed to drill four very small holes that will never be noticed. Having a lift in the...
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    What the heck is this?

    Today I was poking around the engine and see this thing that looks like a paper lollypop stick poking out below and between the throttle bodies. I tried to remove it and see that its connected to a hose that runs along the top of the engine underneath the manifold. What is this?
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    Are Gen II seats interchangable?

    After 40,000 miles (10,000 on the track is one form or another) the drivers seat support is shot. I first noticed lots of foam chunks on the floor after a weekend at the track a few years ago. Now just about the entire cushion is toast. When I was cleaning the inside of the car, I noticed...
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    Windshield crack

    Argghhhh!. Pulled the Copperhead out of the garage this morning. Everything was fine. Waited 5 min for her to warm up. Hopped in and there is an 8 inch crack 3/4 of the way up on the passenger side. It wasn't there when I took the cover off in the garage. I looked more closely and it looks...
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    Car won't start?

    Help. I think I need a new battery, but I am not sure. 2005 Copperhead with 4,000 miles. It has been parked for two weeks. Get in, turn key and all looks ok. Radio is on, nice and strong. Push the button and the ignition clicks. I have had a dead battery in other cars with similar...
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    Rare 1980 Viper for sale - modest wing

    1980? eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 200174419760 end time Nov-22-07 11:59:23 PST)
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    2008 ACR looks great!

    I'll Take One! Snake Skin Green and Black please.
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    Rodolphe viper watch

    A while back a swiss watch company made a viper specific watch. They were advertised in the back of Viper magazine. Does anyone know where I can get one?
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    Great new article on the 08 plu vid

    I have been reading Winding road now for about 18 months. It keeps getting better and better. Downloads onto my laptop and I can read it anywhere. Take a look at the 08 article and you can also see the snake skin green vert in action in a short vid. Exhaust sounds great...
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    Great article, great electronic magazine!! 08 Vert

    I have been reading Winding road now for about 18 months. It keeps getting better and better. Downloads onto my laptop and I can read it anywhere. Take a look at the 08 article and you can also see the snake skin green vert in action in a short vid. Exhaust sounds great...
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    Holiday Mods- Get rid of that ugly rear end view

    Back at VOI9 I saw a black SRT-10 with the rear fascia filled in. It looked great so I asked the owner where he got it. He said that it was the cheapest mod on his car. It cost less than $6 at Home depot. He used an aluminum gutter guard. He cut it to size and used some plastic ties to hold it...
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    Copperhead in St Johns NF!

    I am on business in St Johns NF. I was walking down by the harbour after dinner and parked on the street is a Copperhead (looked like #100) with the top down. First time I have seen a viper since I have been traveling to St Johns and PEI. Nice to see it out, driven and the top down when it is...
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    Danger! Motor mount failure

    tAll, If you race at all, or if your car has more than 10,000 miles, you need to check your motor mounts ASAP. I had my car up on a lift and saw what looked like damage from a tranny that was shifting. I decided to change out the motor and tranny mounts just to have more heavy duty connections...
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    More Viper vs Viper inc 2008 Burnouts In case you don't check the Gen I/II forum
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    Viper vs Viper 2008 Burnouts

    Viper Vs Viper was a great event again. Kudos to the organizers for all the hard work to get us on the base, prefered seating and even a tour of the Chrysler proving grounds where they let us beat on two SRT-10's for a day of autocross. Special thanks to Marv Spatz whos passion for the viper...
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    List price for stock tires?

    Does anyone know the current list price for OEM replacement front and rear tires for a 2000 GTS ACR? Thanks
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    My new Woodhouse Comp Coupe was just delivered!

    I can't remember the last time I was so excited! It was in the driveway when I got home from work today. :D
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    Any SRT-10 car covers for sale?

    I want to keep our 2005 Copperhead covered. The top is always down and even in the garage the interior gets dirty. Does anyone have one for sale for a reasonable price? Please PM. Thanks
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    So Cal Viper Club Saleen Factory Tour

    The So Cal Viper Club had the pleasure of a tour of the Sallen factory in Irvine, CA. It was a beautiful day for a drive and more than 35 vipers were present at the start of the tour. Steve Saleen gave a brief introduction and let us have nearly the run of the place. The plant was...
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    So Cal Viper Club Saleen Factory Tour

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    Newer 2006 Copper Coupe $68,000!

    I was just looking on e-bay and bid on a 2006 Copper Coupe with 600 miles on the OD. It is being sold by the dealer. I got an e-mail from them that they lowered the reserve to 68K. This sounds like a great deal. It is stuck in upstate NY with tons of snow and no one looking right now. I...
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    Automobile Cover Story 2008 Viper

    New from Automobile. Nothing new, but some good pictures. Cover TOC Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 {end}
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    Viper vs Viper

    Is there any info on the Viper vs Viper at the Luke Dats in March? I can't find anything specific with regards to when or what any of the clubs or Chrysler are doing. Any info or links? Thanks

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