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    No response from Email

    Afternoon Placed an order Sept 15, I have sent an email requesting an update of order - no reply so far??? any thoughts
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    Dyno pulls

    Myself and another (red very rare colour) viper are doing a few dyno pulls this sat sept 21 at 8 am at a shop on Brock rd in Pickering cost is 40 a pull min 2 pulls. If anyone is interested to join in please let me know Chris
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    GT2 rear wing

    Does anyone have a copy of the instructions on mounting of these. This one mounts inside the trunk area.
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    Brighton Carshow Sept 28th Just encase anyone is interested attending so far 2 vipers
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    HELP PART number for rear diff pin bolt

    Afternoon Everyone Looking for the dodge part number for the retaining bolt for the spider gear pin in the rear diff regards Chris
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    Intake Gen 2 vs Gen 3

    Is there any power advantage in the Gen 3 intake over the Gen 2 set up?
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    New rims and Sport cups

    Just installed for the summer months
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    Gen 3 Stock Exhaust

    Evening Viper Peeps Looking for a Gen 3 exhaust from manifolds connection to the muffler connection PM if anyone has a used set available :)
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    A viper accident in SSM Hopefully everyone is ok
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    yellow yellow and more yellow What a ride.. great job for a Yellow Viper
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    New Battery dies every few days

    Any thoughts?:mad::mad: 2001 GTS
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    Is the website down at BBG?

    looking for the website
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    ACR sport cups on GenII

    A question that could have been asked before. Do the Sport cups fit on the gen 2 with 18/19 wheels or is there clearance issues on the fronts or spacers required
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    Ontario Viper club

    Hey Guys Having trouble signing into the forums there.. also the link for the jackets . I need Johns email Tc Chris and Barb
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    Gen 2 Cup Holder

    Easy and economical way to install cup holder in the console( other than bringing a passenger to hold onto your drink.) Went to boat supply store brought 3" insert plastic cup holder $3.50, plus hole saw 3" at Canadian tire for $9.99 econo model as you are only cutting into plastic.The...
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    No response on purchased-3 weeks ago

    Need some help here , my buddy ordered a shifter handle from Vipair and paid upfront Mid Feb.. nothing shipped so far.. and no response from trying to contact Steve Prescott.... I have reviewed good and bad..on different Vipers site about this guy.... if anyone has any magic spells on getting...
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    Race the Runway Smith Falls If any other viper owners are interested, we had 4 vipers run this event... hurry not alot of spots left regards Chris
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    GEN 3/4 head conversion to Gen 2

    I have read alot on here about upgrading to gen 3/4 heads-Manifold Has anyone figure out the way to attach the Gen 2 PS to the new style heads or ?
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    Merry Chritmas and a Happy Holidays

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From the other extermely fast yellow viper ;)
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    Spring Dyno Day

    If there would be a enough interest in a Viper Dyno day in late April or early May , please let me know. We would need approx 10 cars for this to happen cost would be $60 for 2 pulls and print outs - no tuning Lcation would be in Pickering regards Chris:)
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    SCT tuner 9550 for vipers

    Afternoon Everyone If there is anyone who would like to order a SCT tuner for their Viper with NO tunes, we are looking at a special buy for Ontario Vipers for $175 PLUS TAXES CDN and shipping or you can pick up .... Please let me know
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    Billy Boat headers installing

    Ok.. any tricks to installing BB headers or things I should know about before buying them?
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    Tunes gen 2 vs gen 3

    Will the tunes from a gen 2 work on a gen 3, if both motors are stock? Or are they different?
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    Dyno Day- Oct 13 960 brock rd Pickering at 9 am

    Afternoon Ontario Viper Fans Next Sat Oct 13 starting at 9 am first come first serve for $50 dollars you get two dyno pulls and print outs NO TUNING. I and a few others with vipers will be there, a great way to tell if your viper is heathly and if not early enough to ask Sanata for some...
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    Gen 2 motor swap out

    Hello Everyone New to the viper world here. currently have a stock 2001 GTS. looking at either upgrading current motor, looking for around the 550 to 600 hp mark.. need some hints here or can I swap out the Gen 2 and install a gen4 set up and what do I need to change ? regards Chris

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