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    Got my '08 ACR through Woodhouse

    There isn't much to say except if I was going to buy another Viper, I'd go to Woodhouse first. It was the best experience I've had with a dealership. With the car set up the way it came from Mark J., it broke a track record for a production-based car at our local test track. Not many dealers...
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    Comp coupe anti-roll bar Qs

    I'm looking at the different parts available, trying to figure out the best way to prep my '08 ACR for the 2009 One Lap of America. So, does anyone know... 1) The diameter of the VCC bars? 2) If they are hollow, and their weight? 3) How many adjustment settings are available? 3? 4) If they are...
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    Some ACR problems (canards & wing)

    Two ACR-specific problems I've run into with my car that owners should probably be aware of: 1) Dive plane cracks around the rivets and/or loose-fitting rivets: I appologize for the poor quality, but you should be able to barely make out a small crack in my dive plane, starting at the very back...
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    ACR tire pressures?

    The Viper Magazine ACR setup article suggests that we should look for hot tire pressures in the 35-36 range on the ACR. I'm wondering a few things: A) Is this the optimal front and rear tire pressure to use when the ACR is set up to SRT's recommendations? B) Is the optimal tire pressure...
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    Best brake duct setup?

    My ACR has ducting that ends in the wheel well, but a hose could easily extend it to the spindle. Anyone know what the best setup to do this is? I've experienced some mild pad fade with the stock setup (well, fade might be an overstatement, but it was taking more pedal pressure to stop the car).
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    Some '08 ACR PBox testing

    Since there is a lot of talk about the performance of the '08 cars in a straight line (0-150 times and so on), I thought I'd share the results of my PerformanceBox testing. The PBox file is attached for anyone who wants to view it. All tests were done on a level road with negligible wind (I ran...
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    Oil temp sender location?

    Am I correct that the sender is located after the pump and upstream of the oil cooler? Thanks.
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    ACR wing adjustment?

    This thing has got some strange fasteners on it. Can anyone give me some hints on what tools to use to remove them? Or do they need to be drilled out and replaced with something different? Thanks!
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    Gen 4 (& 3?) sway bar end link Qs

    I'm trying to source some adjustable end links for a gen 4 (I'm assuming the OE links aren't adjustable). Does anyone know the rough dimensions and thread size of the stock links? Thanks. I'm looking at Powergrid links (I have a set of theirs for my C5). They should offer the same...

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