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    Viper Homecoming Detroit

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS! IT’S HOMECOMING TIME – JULY 18-20, 2014 Twenty years ago in July, Chrysler hosted the first Viper homecoming in Auburn Hills, which became the Viper Owners Invitational. Since this club is going back to its roots, we thought it would be appropriate to re-live the original...
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    Are the spindles/brakes the same on the Gen 1 and Gen 2s ?

    Do you know if the spindles/brakes were the same on all models on the Gen 1 and Gen2s? Thanks, Robert
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    How much are a clean set of ACR wheels worth?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to sell a full set of gen 2 ACR wheels and cannot find a reference price point. Please feel free to post your comments and or a price. Thanks, Robert
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    (Car and Drive video) Our Gen 2 VS Gen 5 @ streets of willow.

    Thanks to Lance (SO CA Viper Pres) for orchestrating this opportunity for Cathy and I to drive the Gen 5 and be a part of the “showdown”. Thanks to Dan Cragin for all the mod’s he and his team have done to our Viper. We remember purchasing her from Claude Short Dodge. Dan is the only one who has...
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    Recommendations for an appraiser for our viper?

    I received a call from our insurance agent saying if we get an appraisal for our GTS, we might be able to get better coverage and actually save quite a bit of money if we insure the Viper on an "agreed value" i.e. Classic car policy. Thanks, Rob and Cathy
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    VOI Registration is now open!

    Hey So Cal The VOI Registration is now open.> Signed up and ready to Go! :drive: :headbang: :dance: :woot: :beer:
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    Got my PS2s within 24 hours of placing the order!!!

    18"/19" PS2 Tires The tire rack had the tires out the same day and showed up at DC Performance the following day! I think the tires where there within 24 hours or less of ordering them! I ordered them on line around 10AM Monday and they showed up around 9AM this morning.
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    GTS record at the ring?

    With all the hype with the records being broken by Viper and Corvette and for now the Viper again, I was wondering what the lap times (or record) was for the GTS back in the day? :drive: Thanks, Robert
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    What happed to our web site?

    It has been down for the last day or two, or is it just me. ;’0) Connection Problems Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later.
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    Go Lakers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEER...Check. CHIPS....Check. GOOD COMPANY....Check. A WINNING LAKER TEAM...Double Check!!!!
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    Sunday morning breakfast in Malibu @ Coogies

    First off Thanks Lance for putting it together! The morning was utterly Gorgeous! After the delish breakfast everybody went for a scenic cruise down PCH. It was great to SSSSE some old faces and meet some new ones.
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    Coupe wheels fit on gen 2 viper ?

    Happy VD. Will Dodge Viper Competition Coupe wheels fit on gen 2 vipers? I do not think they fit, I found a set of BBS wheels on flee bay and would like to know before I bid on them. Thanks for the information.
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    No more super car sunday !

    Lawsuit bans car buffs from shopping center - LA Daily News
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    LA Auto Show (don't be haten)

    SSSSE what happens when you own a gen 2 don't be haten
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    Can Not locate Any Viper Oreca Wall Paper !!!

    Does anyone have any Team Oreca (Viper) wall paper or Screensaver they can email me or Post ? Thanks, Robert
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    Anybody looking for 97 B/W GTS with only 40 Miles

    I am not affiliated with this Viper for sale on E bay. Dodge : Viper:eBay Motors (item 140329623455 end time Jul-17-09 11:00:19 PDT)
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    Has anybody used a Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush ?

    I am looking for a brush to clean the inner barrels of the wheels and I found this. Daytona Wheel Brush -best car auto tire clean rims:eBay Motors (item 310125131383 end time May-21-09 08:06:59 PDT)
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    Where can I purchase a gray Viper sticker ?

    I just picked up an 08 BMW 535i and I need a Viper sticker for the rear window. Where can I buy a small Viper sticker from ?? Thanks...:bounce:
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    Do You Want to See a Viper with a Passenger Side Stripe ?

    I am not affiliated with this Viper for sale on E bay. eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 300286187771 end time Jan-17-09 22:05:29 PST)
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    Wow, I never thought I would see a Viper for sale under 20K

    I am not affiliated with this Viper for sale on E bay. eBay Motors: Dodge : Viper (item 120358503628 end time Jan-10-09 14:26:43 PST)
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    What Gen is this Viper on E bay ??

    eBay Motors: Dodge Viper Bicycle (item 320318431904 end time Nov-22-08 17:00:00 PST)
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    20 " Startech Wheels on Ebay..

    Just an FYI, not my wheels for sale. eBay Motors: Startech Wheels and New Nitto Tires (item 260302447974 end time Oct-25-08 12:36:27 PDT)
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    How was the Car Control Event ??

    Once again Cathy and I had to work, How was the event and where are the pictures ??
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    Rock chips on hood

    Hi, Does anybody recommend a good rock chip repair man or body shop in So Cal? I would like to fix a few rock chips and then clear bra my cars. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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    mary won the Viper on the price is right !!!

    Wow good for her and Dodge

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