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    WTB these parts for my Gen 1

    Looking for: Edelbrock headers Radio bezel Door bezel surround, drivers side Stanchion back cover, large hole, drivers side Hood grills, both 65mm Accufab throttle bodies Seat lowering kit Headlights :)
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    Looking for Gen 1 or 2 hardtop

    Looking a hardtop for my 95 RT
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    WTB passenger headlight for 95

    Lemme know what you have Thx
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    Looking for a Gen 1 Top..

    Granger73, I ended up buying the Gen 2 hardtop. It installed fine and mated up with Vipermania windows really well. Not a rainproof seal to the windows by any means, but certainly no worse than the windows and soft top seal.
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    Looking for a Gen 1 Top..

    OK thanks Granger. So it sounds like I either need to look for a 96 hardtop or an aftermarket hardtop specifically made for Gen 1s.
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    Looking for a Gen 1 Top..

    Hi. Will this fit my 95 without modification? It sounds like 92-93s would need different pins but I should be okay with my...
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    Polish light scratches on Vipermania windows

    I have a pair of Vipermania windows with some light scratches. Nothing fingernail deep. Any recommendations on what to polish them with? I believe their material is lexan and they are tinted from the factory. Is hand polishing okay? Or is orbital recommended? Thanks.
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Haha. No I used to have a Z32 TT many years ago. Got tired of throwing money at it. Wanted to go ‘murican this time :)
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    I just placed an order for Rick’s 40mm rear brake upgrade. Can’t wait :D
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Thanks Bonkers. I sent an email to Rick regarding the 40mm upgrade. About the steering, againn my choice of words was poor. The power steering hose assembly is 3rd party like something out of autozone. Tech said to replace it with an OEM unit since not expensive. Thanks for info on roes cap...
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Bonkers I think I’m just not used to non abs brakes and I shouldn’t be saying the braking is weak. It’s more like I don’t like the feel. The pedal is very heavy and the actual pedal travel is shorter than what I’m used to. It feels like it’s 2” of travel. It takes some effort but the braking...
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Just wanted to follow up my OP. A viper tech inspected my car yesterday and overall the car is in good shape. My oil pan is seeping at the gasket. I can take care of that myself. The power steering hose assembly is aftermarket. The tech recommended I use the factory assembly which I can take...
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    Clipping tab for bezel

    Does anyone know where I can source the metal clipping tabs for the bezel? These are the blade-like tabs that mount to the back of the bezel so that it can attach to the console. As best as I can tell, I have to purchase the whole bezel if I want these clips. I'm wondering if these tabs can...
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Thanks. I've scheduled an appointment with a local Viper tech. I will report back with the results.
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    Thanks Bonkers! Actually, this is a lot of help. I do plan on doing some of the smaller to medium size jobs myself but I do want to have a local Viper shop go through an inspection to give me a baseline. I will report back with my findings. I love the car. It’s so raw and crude and yet puts...
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    New owner. Couple of questions

    I purchased a 95 Gen 1 with 46k miles and it didn’t come with the owners manual. I will be ordering both the owners and service manual. I have lots of questions but I don’t want to bombard the forum with my noob posts too much. Here’s a few: 1. The car came with a key fob. It seems to arm...

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