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    lookeee who came out to play LOL nice to see Chad cruisin the heffner wonder around with the chute and slicks... FL must be nice, in CA you'd be locked up in a heart beat for trying a stunt like that.
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    06' NHRA Rule changes

    06\' NHRA Rule changes The National Hot Rod Association has released its rules revisions and addenda for the 2006 POWERade season in advance of the actual printing of the rulebook. Among several expected changes in Professional category requirements, new regulations will present opportunities...
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    PGD 2006' rules are up

    PGD 2006\' rules are up Looks like they just want a viper to win this thing. No wheelie bars, and now limiting tire size to knock out the guy on 34x15 slicks. And it's no longer based on timed runs, all heads up elimination style :2tu: So whos going to line up this year? Chad going to...
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    Oohh why is it this kid is a troll on many other sites. ohh why is it he uses internet pics to "claim his viper" This dipshit is an uber troll and should be treated as such. http://www.vipera** replace ** with LL. Ohhh no3s look at how he/she/it has been...
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    whos car??

    Never seen a dual ceni blower setup on a viper before. Anyone recognise this car?
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    CA people watch out

    UBB17-ML-579483-ML- Non-Viper discussion (new CA laws overly aggressive) moved to Snake Pit Grill
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    Killer deal on some T&D's

    Killer deal on some T&D\'s This is not my sale but thought I would pass it along, thats a AWESOME deal on those rockers.
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    AEM EMS & Emissions testing.

    I've heard many contradicting stories and would like to hear from the guys who know for sure. Does the AEM standalone work with the factory OBD-II system which allows it to pass emissions testing? I'm not concerned with the sniffer stuff, but the plug in code testing, vin/mileage reading, and...
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    Viper tech ????

    I'm rather curious here, not to start a war or ruffle any feathers just curious. Why do people insist on going to a "viper tech" rather than working on cars themselves? Now before you all erupt into platinum card bliss hear me out. Yes I know it's a high $$$ car and I wouldn't trust it to any...
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    Tire size ?

    you guys running 19/20 wheels, what size tires are you running? Only thing I have found thats remotely close is the Pirelli P-zero 345/25/20 Does anyone make a tire just a hair taller?
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    Track wheels/tires...

    I'm looking at a set of 16x10 CCW drag wheels. What size tires (slicks) are you guys running? I'm thinking 27x12 will fit quite nicely still give a good sidewall to wrinkle. If you can post what tire, size, and compound your running I would appreciate it. I have been looking at the Hoosier...
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    SoCal Charity cruise $40 for the whole weekend and includes track time at fontana. I'm heading out with a couple guys and it should be an awesome weekend.
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    SoCal guys

    This coming Tuesday i'm going to attend the weekly cruse night at Fuddruckers in Lake Forest off the 5 fwy. If any of you can make it that would be great. For a weekly cruise it gets a great turnout of everything from sports cars to very nice older muscle. Hope to see you all there. :2tu...
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    pics of sapphire cars

    Anyone have pics of a sapphire car with black wheels? Not terribly concerned with size just that color combo. :2tu:
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    caliper question

    Hey would any of you guys happen to know what the spacing is on the caliper mounting bolts (center to center) ?? This is in reference to the radial mounts that bolt to the spindles. Thanks a million. :2tu:
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    drag wheel/tire options

    Hey everyone this is my first post here. I am a future viper owner but also have a viper related question that applies to my truck. Dakota r/t with a set of Gen II viper brakes and rotors on it. I have found the only way to fit 15" wheels is to remove the rear calipers. What do you guys run...

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