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    Gen 2 to Gen 4 Engine Modification

    I made a jig up using the Gen 2 head, then welded alum threaded spacer to the heads. The temp sender I moved to the thermostat housing. I had a 1/4 pce of alum formed to the housing and weld it and then tapped it Works perfect
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    626 for NA Gen 2

    who provided the tune ?
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    Why did they destroy this Gen II?

    Must have been a Flood car... parts only
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    Gen.1 Dyno Run

    little confused? no motor mods and pull just under 500Hp on Gen 1 ?
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    gen 3 intake manifold removal

    I used all 1/4 drive stuff. short socket, the torque on these bolts are low. good luck
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    So...I won a car show yesterday.

    I won best overall at a Ford show at a ford dealership.... too funny.. it was kids choice award... I will still take it :-)
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    No response from Email

    I have had an update and an email back. Thank you
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    No response from Email

    Afternoon Placed an order Sept 15, I have sent an email requesting an update of order - no reply so far??? any thoughts
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    Orange Viper with Black Stripes smashed?

    I have seen the acr on the 407 a few times. Hope everyone is ok
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    Viper Insurance Ontario Canada

    I am around the same 2001 gts Thought allstate. But I get a 5% discount because it is yellow as the red viper unfortunately are more prone to speeding tickets when they have a tail wind.
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    Dyno pulls

    Myself and another (red very rare colour) viper are doing a few dyno pulls this sat sept 21 at 8 am at a shop on Brock rd in Pickering cost is 40 a pull min 2 pulls. If anyone is interested to join in please let me know Chris
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    GT2 rear wing

    Does anyone have a copy of the instructions on mounting of these. This one mounts inside the trunk area.
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    Brighton Carshow Sept 28th Just encase anyone is interested attending so far 2 vipers
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    HELP PART number for rear diff pin bolt

    Afternoon Everyone Looking for the dodge part number for the retaining bolt for the spider gear pin in the rear diff regards Chris
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    Intake Gen 2 vs Gen 3

    Is there any power advantage in the Gen 3 intake over the Gen 2 set up?
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    Tires locally?

    I went Tire Rack route, one price landed at my front door. The website even tells shipping cost.
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    Redish .. the red caught my eye as I was driving north bound.. then as it came closer .. a Gen V
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    SPOTTED Gen V south bound on the DVP in Toronto around 3 30pm RED.. only bad issue with it ... I wasn't driving it
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    I have seen a blue winged Gen 2 GTS heading into and out of Peterborough a few times. Seems its like someone that works there, early morning or late evening .. any Ideas?
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    Importing SC Gen to into germany

    there has to be a website that shows what you can and cannot import. we have one in Ontario Canada. also the smog testing could be an issue if they have it in Germany.
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    New rims and Sport cups

    Just installed for the summer months
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    Gen 3 Stock Exhaust

    Evening Viper Peeps Looking for a Gen 3 exhaust from manifolds connection to the muffler connection PM if anyone has a used set available :)
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    Wild wing night this Thursday May 16 7PM

    I have also spoken to the Mopar God also when she was making dinner.. weather is confirmed good
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    Garage parking lift