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    I created some Viper ART based on some of my photos (FREE2GO)'s Car

    Hey guys I did these two Viper Artworks based on one of the photos that I took from Eric's car and the other is my car. I'm excited cause I am creating a style of auto art that will look great in a game room or even Garage printed large. I can draw these with anyone's car as long as the...
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    Took some new photos of my Viper lowered

    Took some new shots of my Viper lowered. Experimented with a new photo technique called the Brenizer, giving me a huge photo size with an insane amount of detail. The Wheat Silo original shot was 720 megapixels total. I had to reduce it. Please go here to see the highest resolution. You can...
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    Knock sound from rear left top (video) any suggestions

    Hey guys I have had this weird knock for a couple of years and I can't figure it out. I have checked the suspension, sway bar ends, the inside of the cabin where the drive belt assembly is. I just can figure out where it's coming from the sound seems like it's inside. Any suggestions on what the...
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    I ordered the Black Friday BC Coilovers special from Will at RSI in November. Since I ordered them Will and Paul have been telling me that there was a bunch of order issues on BC's side and that they first sent the wrong forks and then the second go around the wrong spring rates and that RSI had...
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    Has anyone verified this guy's information? Video Motortrend Channel Paint melting at the sills Conspiracy about the SLS using the Viper Chassis 30 degree difference from the feet and the upper body in the cabin? It all sounds like a load of BS when he is knocking the viper.
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    For those of us that have check engine light come on. Here is a tool that might help.

    Hey guys I wanted to share this with you guys if you were interested in it. I used to have my check engine light come on for one of my cats and I didn'twant to spend 60 plus tax for a obd II reader from Harbor Freight. So I found this as a cheaper and better solution. Usually Cheaper and Better...
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    Just took a few pictures of my car

    I was driving around and thought I will take my camera out and shoot a few shots of my car. I'm used to shooting other people's cars, so what the hey! The weather was so nice. Here's how they came out
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    I think somebody hacked our banner above!!! It says Corvette club of America!

    WTF, that isn't right, I thought I was on the wrong site for a second.
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    Plasti-dippin my wheels

    Well guys I took my wheels off 2 months ago and plasti-dipped them. Here are some of the pics of the process I will post pictures of them 2 months after. Just a hint they look the same as 2 months ago after a long cruises and Step 1 Took wheels off put note cards all the way around to make it...
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    Guys I want one of the TA editions I want one of the 33 made but man oh man!! 114k!! Beautiful Color though
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    Just wrapped my Console and Shifter bezel What do you think?

    I wanted to show a comparison of the 3m Dinoc vinyl vs the 3m 1080 series vinyl. The back story for this is the first one I wrapped was a 08 console and bezel I wrapped it 3 times learning different techniques. I used the 3m dinoc material. I have an 06 coupe so when I was installing it I...
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    Anyone going to Cars & Coffee this weekend?

    I was wondering if any of you guys are going to C&C tomorrow morning. My cousin just joined the Viper family he just purchased a All Gray 09 ACR. He's super excited to see some of the other viper guys out there tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a good turnout.
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    I just finished some photos of my friends 99 GTS. The car is a beast.

    Hey Guys/Gals, first off Merry Christmas to everyone. I'm usually not on the RT/10 and GTS boards I'm a SRT guy, but I wanted share the photos I took of my friends car on Friday. We did two different shoots one was outdoors with some crazy clouds and one in a garage. It's a 99 Black GTS Coupe...
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    Hey Guys anyone go to F1 last month? I took some pics if anyone wants to see.

    I don't know if anyone else went to this: If so please share your photos of the event I would love to see what everyone took.
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    Wondering if anyone knows who this race yellow GTS belongs to?

    Hey Guys I was wondering if anyone knew who this Race Yellow GTS Belongs to? :rolaugh: I saw this and thought you guys might like it.
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    Hey Guys I'm doing some new Art.

    Hey Guys/Gals you may remember me from the 3d model/rendering of the viper that I was doing last year. I recently got ACL surgery and have been bed ridden for 2 weeks so far and couldn't really do 3d or photography. So I started a new series of work that is going back to the basics with lines...
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    What would wheel diameter and offset would cause me to get a e-brake relocation kit?

    I'm looking at this wheel company called modulare wheels. I'm interested in this wheel - I have 2 choices: I prefer going with the stock sized wheels 18FR and 19R However, I read that I would need the e-brake relocation kit if I get 18's like the OZ's or some 19's. What would cause me...
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    What do you guys think Plans for Yellow Coupe

    Hey Guys/Gals I have a Yellow Coupe. I like the wheels that I have on mine now. So I started Photoshopping the differences to see what I could come up with. I've been seeing some nice hot red convertibles with satin black wheels I'm pointing to the two I've seen so far Synergy's and Cubican's...
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    Hey Guys just took two experimental shots of my viper along with some new stuff

    I am experimenting with a new technique of photography I have: And here is another series I took from a Shelby Cobra meet in Austin thought I would share
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    2013 Viper Image Could Hot Wheels have released the Viper before SRT?!?

    SRT has been Stripteasing us this whole time. Go Hot wheels for releasing this blurry image
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    What about the REAR of the 2013 Viper??!?

    I kept thinking everyone is doing the front including myself and I thought whatabout the rear What would I want to see. I like the GEN II rear and the GEN III/IV so I thought I would incorporate both but change it a little while still retaining the roots of the viper. It has some of the old...
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    2013 Concept Based on spy photo.

    I think this is what it will look like based on the spy photo I don't think the front grill will look like the way we did it. the headlights are more stretched out. Unfortunately it looks like a cross between a s2000 and a gtr
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    my 2013 viper render from the srt drawing.

    I did a quick sketch in mspaint cause I don't have photoshop on this computer. I wish they gave it more of the viper snake characteristics like they did with the last gens. here is my poor attempt of what I wish it would look like. Let me know. I think the nose the car should meet at the center...
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    Recent Photoshoot two snakes from two diifferent time periods

    I have been doing automobile photography and experimenting with it for the past two years. I'm starting to build a clientele here in dallas for automobile photography here are some of my car and my uncles shot and edited by me. Have a photo shoot of a lambo next weekend. some of my latest...
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    2008+ 3 Inch Tips Anyone know where to get some?

    I'm a looking for 2008+ 3 inch inlet tips for my exhaust anyone know where I can get some? I could just go with a custom tip but I know that the 08+ has the exhaust hangers on it so I wanted to know if there was anyone who makes them. Has anyone tried the Gibson turndown Exhaust tips? Link to...