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    Just a few "THANKS"

    I just want to through out a few big THANKS to some folks that made this a really great event for me personally. Of course a huge thanks goes to everyone involved with putting this VOI together, what a fantastic job!!! Even without the big bucks backing the event it was just as good if not...
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    Custom Dash Mod

    I got some cool new stuff from 3M and decided the console on my 08 would be a perfect project to try it out. It is called Di-Noc, its a vinyl like material but much more heavy duty. I think it looks damn good and I did it myself. It took about 10 minutes to get the dash apart and about 4 hrs to...
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    ACR shocks

    Im pretty sure I read somewhere here that you can't add the ACR aero package without upgrading your shocks. So the questions is could I use OEM take-offs from an ACR that got upgraded to Motons? How much should I expect to pay for used shock?:dunno:
  4. J

    Jon, another small request

    Jon, do you have these? Dodge Viper Specialist Patch 2 1/2"X 3 7/8" - eBay (item 300517157809 end time Jan-26-11 20:47:28 PST) I would like 4 if you do.
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    Viper paintings

    I know there where at least two Viper paintings produced and sold through the VCA. Are there any of the prints still around for sale??? :dunno:
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    How Do I get these?

    I got an email from Mopar that shows these awesom eMopar ornaments but I can't find anywhere to buy them:dunno: Has anyone else seen these and know where to get them??
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    How Do I get these?

    I got an email from Mopar that shows these awesom eMopar ornaments but I can't find anywhere to buy them:dunno: Has anyone else seen these and know where to get them??
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    My Viper Got Hit!

    So we took the cars out for a drive Saturday night. We decided to go to Green Valley (a nicer neighborhood) to cruise around. We stopped at Green Valley Ranch, a casino in the area to meet a friend. When we pulled in to the parking lot Jeff turned in first driving the 08, I was in the 94 behind...
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    VOI 11 products

    Is everything that is going to be listed already listed at I want to order some stuff but I was waiting until everything was listed so I could get it all in one order. Is shipping priced per item or per order?
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    requesting images

    I am doing some work with very large commercial printers and I was looking for some cool Viper images to run while we are setting up the machines. If anyone has any non trademarked images in High Res they would like to share please email them to me at adamski_robert (I added a space...
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    New print ads

    I just got my Motor Trend mag and the first page I opened to had this awesome ad for the Challenger with George Washington and the text "Let Freedom Ring":headbang: I wanted to know if there is a way I could get my hands on a poster version of this??
  12. J

    going to Irvine cars and coffee this Sat.

    Some of my friends and I are driving from Vegas to Irvine for cars and coffee on Saturday morning. Will anyone from the area be there?? We may sat the night and drive the coast on Sunday but I am way broke right now and don't really want to spend the cash for a hotel.
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    Venom Badge?

    I got my new membership badge in the mail with a cool new mouse pad:2tu: But my badge doesn't say venom on it. Shouldn't it?
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    1991 Pace Car Poster

    I am looking for the 1991 Indy 500 Pace Car poster. If anyone has one or has a lead on one please PM me!! I have a good collection of stuff from 96 but there are very few items from 91. I would likely buy anything I could find from the 91 pace car or even anything I don't already have from 96.
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    DAVE666 Is this you??

    Videos Posted by Dodge Viper: Dodge Viper Acceleration | Facebook found this video on facebook and its not very good quality but you can see white hood vents so there could really only be one man to credit this to.
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    Viper Coffee Mug????

    Does anyone know where to get viper coffee mugs??? I have some of the thermoses from when we went to CAAP at VOI 10, as well as a few cups from the gen 1 and 2 years, plus a set from VOI 4 in Orlando, and even a mug from the presidents meeting in 2000. But alas I need more and I would like to...
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    I need some legal advice

    Does anyone have a good knowledge on Minnesota laws regarding gun rights????? My brother-in-law got in an argument with my sister and when she called the cops he left. Now he is being charged with a "threat(??)" charge, interfering with a 911 call, and a domestic dispute charge. Now he is...
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    Optima Batteries

    I ordered a battery off the link on the front page of this site about a week ago and still haven't gotten anything in the mail.....How long should it take?? Not having a battery is killing me.
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    car trip from Vegas to San Diego

    I am planning a road trip with a group of car guys from Las Vegas to San Diego in the spring. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a hotel thats not too pricey but has good car parking that we might be able to hire security to watch the cars? And are there any good places to go with a...
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    2009 MATS results

    Just got my copy of Mopar Muscle and the results of the Mopars At The Strip Viper Class Winner - Todd Wilhite Runner-up - Wayne Randall Semi - Ken Aiker Semi - Lisa Chrisman Congatulations to everyone :2tu: This is old news to those that where there but I thought it was cool to see in a...
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    thread view question

    Thread Display OptionsI am not really new but I do have a newbie type question. I accidentaly clicked on something :dunno: when viewing a thread which took me to a different screen that didn't look anything like any page I have seen on the site before and it seemed to show the most recent...
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    1 of 1 update

    heres an email I just got from Micheal the winner of the last raffle. It all seems a bit odd to me. Not sure why his car wouldn't be released? its paid for right? :dunno: Hi Everyone, Kim at VCA has confirmed that our raffle car was assembled last month. It then was sent to and...
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    1 of 7 for sale

    there is a very rare find 97 red GTS with gold wheels for sale on ebay but they clearly don't know what they have since they listed it as an RT/10. There where only 7 of these sold making it one of the rarest vipers produced. Dodge : Viper:eBay Motors (item 260407911851 end time May-14-09...
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    Driver VS Passenger

    I know this sounds absurd but to settle an argument I need to know from other Viper owners, how many of you find it harder to get in on the passenger side Vs the drivers side
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    Love it or Leave it?

    So it looks like after saving for more than 3 years and thinking or dreaming about nothing else to get my 08 coupe may have been for nothing. I am going to have to sell it:( The last event I will be taking it to before listing it is the Mopar at the Strip/ Western Zone Rendezvous. So the...