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    Picked up a different kind of beast...

    I decided to keep my 98' GTS and add something different. 2013 Godzilla with 700HP+ (625AWHP), it launches like a bullet from a standstill. It smoked an Aventador all the way to 120mph. I've never owned anything this fast before, it's like it has a warp-drive built in. You wait for it to start...
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    Sidewinder II's in Hyper Black on GEN2 GTS - Review

    So after giving up on getting a set of ACR BBS's, I went with the GenV Sidewinder II's. Bought them off of Jon at Partsrack, Great guy to deal with. So after the long wait, they arrived yesterday. Just mounted Pilot Super Sports and took them out for a run for the first time. I must say, these...
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    Upgraded Lifters gave me a 3.87s 0-60!

    Upgraded Rockers gave me a 3.87s 0-60! I upgraded my rockers to Harland Sharps from Roe, and updated my tune on my 98' GTS. Went from a best 0-60 of 4.19s to 3.87s in a single try! Only other mod in place before and after is B&B catback. I have never been able to break into the 3's before...
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    Unofficial Roe Supercharger Signup

    How many would buy a new Roe Supercharger if Sean made it again for the GEN1/2? He has said the cost would be around the mid $7k range for a new kit if he makes it. Put your name down and we can submit the list to Sean.
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    Anyone have GenV Sidewinder II pics on a Gen2 GTS or RT/10?

    I am debating on getting Sidewinder II's for my GTS but the offset of 20mm has me concerned. I know it mounts great on a GEN3/4. But are there rubbing issues on a GEN1/2? Any pics?
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    Gears hard to get into, sometimes, usually when warm.

    Ok, on my 98' GTS, when cold it shifts like normal. After it warms up, it sporadically is tough to get into gears, typically first gear or reverse from a stop. I know that the clutch slave cylinder goes bad on these, but I'm not losing fluid and it seams to be heat induced. Could it just need a...
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    GEN-V considered a mid-engine?

    I hope I'm not beating a dead horse, but I have a 2013 full color sales booklet and on page 10 it says "All-Aluminum, Mid-Engine 8.4 Liter V-10..." Is it considered a mid-engine because the engine is between the front and rear axles? Are all Vipers then considered mid-engine, because both of...
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    Who has ACR-X #18, I have pics for you.

    These were taken a couple years ago at the Conner plant. If you own car #18 you'll appreciate what it looked like before getting the X badge. I just thought it would be cool to see your car during the final stages. Or if you own any ACR-X you can pretend it was yours because they all were...
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    Dick Scott Dodge still has Ron

    I have heard through several members that Dick Scott Dodge lost their Viper tech earlier this year. But I was just there today and they said Ron still works there every day of the week and he just worked on a Viper. Where did this rumor come from with MCVO members saying that Ron was gone and...
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    Autoform Vipers from the 90's and early 2000's

    Rather than continuing to hijack the previous thread (, I decided to show you all these pics I acquired from Autoform and give you a little history lesson. Before I actually purchased my 94' back in 2006, I was this...
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    Because sometimes it's fun to stare at Trainwrecks...

    I thought I would share this, some never had the opportunity to see a Vettper. It's like a trainwreck, you don't want to stare but you can't look away. I was at Cobo Hall where these pics were taken and it's worse in person. Notice how the owner bashes the styling cues of the very car he is...
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    Paying Cash, Financing, or Can't Afford It

    With the price of the GTS in the stratosphere of $130K+ fully loaded, I think it would be interesting to see how most will be planning to pay for their new toy. So, Paying Cash, Financing, or Can't Afford It either way!
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    How often should Tranny fluid be changed on semi-monthly track car.

    How often should I change the tranny fluid on a lightly tracked RT/10? I change the brake fluid every 3 mo and oil every 2k starting this year (because of tracking), but I've got about 15k miles on my tranny fluid from 2007 and I put ATF in at the time. This is the first year I tracked it...
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    The RT/10 surprised me at the track yesterday

    So I attended the Alfa Romeo Waterford track day, my third track event so far. There were about 50 other cars there with only one other Viper, a red 2008 SRT10 vert. I don’t remember the guy’s name but he was from Ohio I believe. I saw that he appeared to have an upgraded exhaust, a roll bar...
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    Best Dealer with Viper Tech

    Where's the best place in the Metro area that has a good Viper tech? I know Rod retired from Dick Scott and heard they are not so great anymore.
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    Anyone gonna be at the Gratiot Cruise today?

    If not, get out here! For metro Detroit owners, It's on Gratiot between 8 mile and 10 mile.
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    New REAL Pics of GEN-V at the CEMA show

    Well, I figured someone would have posted pics from the CEMA event by now, but it's been a week. Here are some new pics of the GEN-V at the Chrysler Museum. It looks way better in person than in pics. I tried to get some angles not covered by the mags. Enjoy.
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    :mad::(:crazy2::omg::nono: Why do people do this!!!!!!!!!!! I hate people!!!!!!!!!! What ever possessed this guy to think this would ever be a good idea???? As if a clean, silver, GTS isn't unique enough, he had to go and mutilate it!!!!!! He actually paid money to do this!!!!!!!! That's...
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    Tracked the 94' for the first time yesterday. Need help with a strange CE light.

    I tracked the 94' at Grattan Raceway during an Alfa Romeo club event yesterday. Despite being a preferred club member (VCA) and given a discount, I was the only Viper representing out there.:( But what a blast. After going with an instructor for the first three sessions, my last four sessions...
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    My PCV valve and hoses don't match the parts manual

    My 1998 GTS vacuum hoses do not match the 1998 parts manual. The car and engine were built in October 1998, so maybe it was a late changeover? My hoses look like the 1999 style in the pictures. Anyways, there is an "S" shaped hose coming out of a grommet that looks like part number 5 in the...
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    Reverse harder to get into, but not locked out or grinding.

    Hey guys, the past couple years my 94' has been getting harder and harder to push the shifter to the far right in order to get it into reverse. Before you say 'reverse solenoid' or 'syncros', understand that it never locks me out or grinds, it's just hard to physically push the shifter to the...
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    What is the Torque spec for the Diff to frame bolts?

    Yes I searched. What is the Torque spec for the two verticle differential to frame bolts on a GEN2? I only have a 95 manual and it shows the ladder bar bolts being torqued to 150ft-lbs. But GEN2's don't have a ladder bar and bolt to an adaptor that's attached to the frame. I just want to make...
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    I got a really good offer - Should I sell?

    I just bought a 98' GTS. I've had my 94' since 2006 and my intentions were to keep both cars. I've kept good care of it since I bought it with 5k miles and it now has nearly 20K. It's extremely clean for a 94. I have realigned the hood, trunk, and doors, and rear bumper to even out the gaps...
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    E85 as an Octane Booster

    Now, I know that E85 has had a bad rep and until recently I dogged the fuel as an MPG loser and an inefficient garbage fuel that I would never touch. But I have been doing some reading, and the consensus is that E85 eats up rubber seals, corrodes fuel lines, and gives poorer fuel economy...
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    My new toy slithered into my garage

    I just took this excellent 1998 GTS off of Scott Heggie's hands. Mild mods include B&B catback and smooth tubes. I found a dynodays page where it pulled 419RWHP & 458RWTQ. Are two Red Vipers too much? I don't care about disclosing numbers. It has 17,900 miles and is in prestine condition. I...