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    What is the problem with our Arizona Viper Club

    Hi Looppr, Welcome to the Arizona Club. We are a very active club and have events every month. Please go to our web site for more info. Please note: our November dinner meeting is this Saturday November 9th at the Speakeasy Restaurant in Chandler. I will send you the...
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    Any recommendations for a Pre Purchase Inspection in Phoenix,AZ?

    Goldlifter, Have you been able to contact Eddie? I know he is out of town at the moment wrenching for some racers back East. Not sure when he is due back in town. Barry
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    Any recommendations for a Pre Purchase Inspection in Phoenix,AZ?

    Eddie probably has serviced most of the Vipers in AZ. There is a good chance he will know the car and its history. He is also an AZ Club member. He is very knowledgeable has an excellent reputation.
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    Gen V impressions after 1,200+ miles

    Thanks for the great assessment. Will be interested in your thoughts after 5k miles and some track time. Please keep us informed.
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    Gen 5 raffle now open!!

    Awesome raffle!!
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    New 03 owner looking for mechanic in northern arizona

    jjhammer, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have just returned home from a cruise. As Jim stated, Eddie Martin is our local Viper Tech for quite a few years and is well known in the Viper Community across the country. I can personally recommend him for his Viper knowledge and...
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    Received our 2013 VCA membership packets today...

    Received mine today (Phoenix, AZ).
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    Events planned during 2013 Scottsdale Barrett Jackson

    Hi Aaron, The Arizona Region Club attends the Barrett-Jackson Auction every year. We meet at Bill Luke Dodge of Phoenix in the morning of January 18, for breakfast, guest speakers, etc. and then caravan to B-J for reserved Viper only parking. We are in the midst of updating our web site with...
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    Pics from VOI 12 Mopar Boy Style... 200+ better be on WIFI LOL

    Robert. Well done. Thanks for the memories! How many days left until VOI 13?
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    Road Course????

    Dan, Thanks for all your time an effort to make this an enjoyable, memorable and safe VOI for everyone. The planned driving events are awesome. I like your recommendation of braking points prior to the infield and other key locations, especially for those of us who are novices and unfamiliar...
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    My packet and another AZ club members were opened also. Based on the above photos it appears nothing was missing from ours other than the Dora sticker.
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    Now from the front; Viper Red GEN V GTSR (street) with new black stripes!!

    Agree 1,000% with SnakeBitten, An ACR with the GTS-R looks and the GTS interior and electronic features as options along with an available hard core package for the track rats would be the icing on the cake. I would immediately order one. Just "Do It" SRT!!!
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    So, which hood do you like better?

    It would have been nice to have the GTS-R hood as a voting option along with the other two.
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    Registration is now open!

    Registration Completed! Looking forward to the party! :drive: :headbang:
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    Nice Interview with Ralph on Gen V

    Great article! Thanks for posting. Good insight to the thought processes of Ralph and his team on the Gen 5 design. It's a beautiful design that is powerful and yet classy. Even more so in when viewed in person.
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    Wanna talk Gen 5 Vipers? SRT Chat HERE on April 24th>>>>>>>

    Many thanks to Ralph and the SRT team for giving us a beautiful and awesome Gen V! Questions: 1. Will the production cars have the same tire to wheel arch spacing as the show car? If not what will the production wheel/arch clearance be? 2. What is the road height clearance of the show car...
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    Three Generations - A Photo Comparison

    Thanks for the great comparison of all generations!
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    Just made two short movies from the NYC event.....

    Really enjoyed the videos Robert! Great pictures and music! Barry
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    AZ Club in NY

    Paul, Thanks for the great pictures! (I'm the guy in the NY hat) Look forward to seeing you at VOI 12. Barry
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    100+ Pics from the NYC Viper Release, Parties, and Some Random Shots

    Robert, thanks for the great pics. And thanks to Bobby for organizing a great VCA party and being a super host. And most of all thanks to Ralph and the SRT Team for giving us a phenominal car. Without the car none of the events surrounding the birth of Stryker would have happened. The Legend...
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    See you soon!

    Mutt and Jeff???
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    Latest Teaser pic of Gen V off Facebook

    Wow! That interior has a classy look and feel about it. Definately a significant upgrade.
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    Who's Going to the Reveal Party?

    So far 15 from the AZ Region are going. Several wives have okayed new Gen 5's!! My wife included! However, I want an ACR when available.
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    Anyone know this Viper??

    Timineside, I noticed in the second picture the steering wheel is showing a hard left turn but the wheels in first picture are almost straight! It might suggest more than cosmetic damage. Maybe damage to steering and front end. Be careful and really check it over.