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    Next month, Star Racing and G2 Motorsports will be having a motorcycle and car show at U.S. 19 Dragway in Albany Georgia. They will be selling raffle tickets for a 113" Polished S&S Cycles V-Twin engine! WOW! The show and raffle are benefits to help aid long time Star Racing employee Ken...
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    SoCal rollover ???

    Just got a phone call from a client who saw a wadded up silver SRT on the toll road. He said it looked as if it rolled. That's all we know. dj
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    evil SRT-what do you think?

    I wasn't too sure how the rear would look after paint, but I think it turned out ok. We also installed our debri guard in the rear fascia, unfortunatly it's not visable. I'll shoot another pic showing it. Thanks to Tony and Trinh for teaching this dumb ol' hillbilly redneck from Ohio how to...
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    OC SoCal drive to Willow Saturday

    A few of us are going to meet and head up to the Viper Days race this Saturday. If anyone else wants to go, please feel free to meet us at the Denny's resturant at Alicia Parkway and the 5 freeway. The resturant is on the east side of the freeway before the first traffic light. Please be gassed...
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    Thanks to Dan, Chris, Tony and Kim for a great event. I wish I could have stayed to see Hugh's monster on the dyno. My Viper wasn't dyno worthy, so we ran my 2000 C5. With B+B catback only, even a stock air filter, it pulled 315 with an auto trans. dj
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    Trinh's '03 wins Boyd's Trophy

    Trinh\'s \'03 wins Boyd\'s Trophy Thanks to everyone who attended. Congratulations to Trinh for taking home the hardware!!!DJ Sorry, I still don't know how to add pictures to post yet. or click on "my 8 photos". Make sure to check out the old sled with Viper engine and...
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    VICTORY 9/11 cruise to Boyd's

    VICTORY 9/11 cruise to Boyd\'s Sorry it's short notice. On Saturday 9/11 we'll be cruising from Victory Vipers to Boyd Coddington's shop. Mark your calendar, it should be fun. SoCal Viper Club members watch your email for details early next week. See you then,DJ.
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    Gen 2 with SRT lamps

    Not sure if this has been posted before. The SRT clear lense driving lights bolt right onto a Gen 2 fascia. They have the gap around them just like the SRT. It's possible to use the black plastic ring from the Gen 2 light when installing the Gen 3 light. The ring should fill the gap. I just...
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    pics of '03 SRT with new 19" wheels

    pics of \'03 SRT with new 19\" wheels Well, the pictures I shot last week are to large to add to my album here. I wanted to get these out now for the guys at CCW. So here's a link to the photos. The car will be back tomorrow for suspension work and I'll shoot some pics that are the right size...
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    Just stole a SRT

    UBB11-ML-366320-ML- Vipermad removed as requested. Have a nice day.
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    SoCal Santa Barbara cruise

    How was it? Anyone have pics? dj
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    SoCal Vipers Sat.10/18

    Just thought I'd post this instead of trying to call everyone. A bunch of us are heading to Cystal Cove this Saturday morning. We're going to meet at my shop in San Juan Capo and head up PCH. Should have at least 15-20 snakes. Hope you guys can make it, it's pretty darn early! 33047 Calle...
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    Does anyone read exhaust temp ?

    What's the latest and/or best product for reading exhaust temps./fuel ratio? Something to leave in the car, including downloadable data logers.
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    PMUM'S Comp Coupe wins Buttonwillow OTC.

    PMUM\'S Comp Coupe wins Buttonwillow OTC. The Mumford/Provost Comp Coupe won the Buttonwillow OTC event on Tuesday. After 3 events they're 2nd in the Unlimited class and 2nd overall only 10 points out of 1st. They run at Thunderhill Wednesday and Thursday, and then down to Willow on Friday. The...
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    SoCal looses a friend

    It is with saddness that I report that the SoCal Viper club lost one of it's members this weekend. On Saturday 72-year-old Chuck Hallum apperently lost control of his Viper after hitting an ice patch on Route 33 in Northern Ventura County. The car flipped and came to rest on it's side and then...
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    '96 GTS with '03 wheels...SoCal photo needed.

    \'96 GTS with \'03 wheels...SoCal photo needed. Someone with a digital camera come by and take a picture of this bl/wh GTS with polished 2003 19"+18" wheels. You gotta see it. It looks great! Frank will be in Nashville with it.
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    SoCal Vipers draws 90 cars......

    Deer park cruise was today. Great turn out. SoCal club rules..... There should be a ton of pictures coming. Great to see old friends. Dave "where's the doughnuts and coffee?" Jenkins.
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    Where does ground wire go?

    It goes between the lt. cowl support rod and the cowl where the sheet metal screw goes in.
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    Anyone know Morgan Reese???

    Have him call me back. I called the number he left ( I thought) and it was wrong. Somebody tell him please, thanks boys, dj.
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    ACR Recall launch(5 pts.)

    I've been off line for a bit and I'm not too sure if it's been covered, but I got a call today on recall #979 for the harnesses. Black belt #CBAB9791 Red belts #CBAB9792. Recall states old belts must be returned to DC. Rep says 11th digit must be X,Y or I.?? I did a search here for the recall #...
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    A stellar performance again....
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    '03 Viper leather jacket

    \'03 Viper leather jacket Got a flyer from DC the other day with the new Viper leather jacket. Burgundy/black with splash pattern and new style logo. Wish I knew how to post a picture. How 'bout some help Kuzer? It also has some cool steering wheel Viper X-mas ornaments. dj
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    Viper Days East coast/West coast smackfest

    It's gonna' start sooner or later...I just wonder how many east coaster's are gonna' get outrun in Tulsa by PMUM in his S2000 Honda? I'd say at least 5. dj
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    GT2 Dive Plates

    I need a lt. side front fascia dive plate. The same ones that came on the GT2 replica cars. I'll also put a post in parts wanted but I need it yesterday!!! Please help! dj
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    The problem with Stop Tech......

    The problem with Stop Tech is that their customer service is GREAT!!! I had a little problem with a 4 wheel install, purely due to a lack of communication on my part, and Steve Ruiz was at my shop the next morning at 7:30 to help rectify it!! Just incredible. Thanks guys,dj