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  1. 72hemi

    The Elephant in the room

    Bingo! Very well stated.
  2. 72hemi

    BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2: Best value these days?

    I have the BF G's on my Viper and have driven in the rain with no problems.
  3. 72hemi

    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    I was at this president's meeting and can vouch that this is how the events transpired. I couldn't believe how much effort it took from the president's to get the answer to this simple basic question.
  4. 72hemi

    My 2013 GTS by Prefix...a work in progress (pics)

    The car turned out amazing! Congrats.
  5. 72hemi

    Gen V update - 6,000 mile mark

    6,000 miles already, that's awesome! Glad to see people are driving them.
  6. 72hemi

    Anyone Use Their Viper Daily?

    Get the Viper. I drive mine every day. Just simple maintenance for the most part.
  7. 72hemi

    Ford GT + Viper: Mission Accomplished

    Awesome pair of cars!
  8. 72hemi

    Normandin Chrysler Mopar Car Show and BBQ

    As always this was a great event! We had 29 Vipers (including 2 gen V cars) and approximately 120 cars total!
  9. 72hemi


    This should be a fun event. I will definitely be there.
  10. 72hemi

    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    There is a new age of hyper-cars in the market that are just absolutely incredible! I would love to see a Gen V ACR regain the title, but that is quite a big jump to make at this point.
  11. 72hemi

    opinions ; 97 gts 110k miles

    Not too long ago I seem to recall a 96 GTS with over 100k miles sold in that price range. Like others have said I would not be concerned about the miles if everything checks out. Remember it is a 16 year old car, so that equates to less than 7k miles a year, which in normal car speak is low...
  12. 72hemi

    One Strykingly Sexy Snake!

    Congrats Todd! Glad things finally worked out!
  13. 72hemi

    Normandin Chrysler Mopar Car Show and BBQ

    It's that time again for the Normandin Chrysler car show and BBQ in San Jose California. This year we are trying something new with online registration. To register for the event click on the following link. Hope to see you there...
  14. 72hemi

    Any custom orders out of 'production scheduled' status

    Maybe Ralph could deliver it to you Thursday :-P
  15. 72hemi

    Any custom orders out of 'production scheduled' status

    Todd, do you have an expected delivery date yet? May be a stretch but any shot of it arriving by Thursday next week?
  16. 72hemi

    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    That seat is stunning!!!
  17. 72hemi

    Custom interior and audio build thread! 1998 GTS

    Amazing progress! I can't wait to see the finish product!
  18. 72hemi

    Gen 2 RT/10 radio bezels

    Getting closer :)
  19. 72hemi

    Gen 2 RT/10 radio bezels

    The ACR version has a metal plaque on it that says ACR. Last time I checked I think Mopar wanted almost double the price of the GTS bezel for the ACR version!
  20. 72hemi

    exhaust & gear questions

    I would wait for the BBG headers. Toddy does incredible work, has a real passion for these cars, and knows what he is doing. As for the gears leave the stock ratio alone, since the Gen V has traction control and stability control I would not be surprised if changing the rear axle ratio would...
  21. 72hemi

    Gen 2 RT/10 radio bezels

    That is great news! Now if the ACR version could drop from the outrageous price they want for it!
  22. 72hemi

    Who's in the San Fran area??

    If you arrive before this weekend and have time to make a drive down to Monterey, on Friday-Sunday there is a track day that several Nor Cal and So Cal members are attending. I will be there Saturday and it looks like 10 Viper are running. If you want something a little more local to the Bay...
  23. 72hemi

    Who's in the San Fran area??

    I live in Sunnyvale, which is the South Bay. Where in the SF area will you be and when? We have a pretty active region. We have a very supportive dealer, Normandin's in San Jose.