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    Viper or Ferrari...Go easy please

    Everyone has their personal opinions and you should go with what you really want. I am fortunate enough to have a superchared 96GTs and about 6months ago bought a 2002 360. Its not the Testarossa but still a ferrari. In my case I wanted the F car for a long long time and kept buying other...
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    20" wheels

    Re: 20\" wheels I have the HRE 546R's on my 96GTS and love the look. Open enough to see the rotors and calipers but very easy to clean. Leonard
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    Comments on Pirelli P-Zero Rosso?

    The mismatched look is nothing compared to the handling problems of mismatched tires.
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    Comments on Pirelli P-Zero Rosso?

    I have the 20's on my 96GTS and they are okay. I don't use these on the track but they seem to do well on the street. Wear is a big factor though. They seem much softer than the Michelins. There is little choice in the 20's though. I don't think you will be unhappy. Hope that helps.
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    One more picture

    I just got one of the 2005 GT mustangs from Bill Pemberton. My first ford since my 1954 way back when. Very fun car for the price. That was a crazy price on that Coddington car. I can't believe it. If I could get half that it would be gone today and I would be starting on my next project...
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    One more picture

    Hi Ron: I would guess your car is put away for now because of weather. You must be having withdrawals. Thanks for the compliments on the car. Actually it was not that bad especially compared to the oost of the winner and I can drive mine. Hope you are enjoying your car.
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    One more picture

    Not at the speed I drive it.
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    Another use for a viper motor

    I'm too lame to figure out how to post more than one picture at a time. If you go to my gallery (Leonard Knight) I think there are several more photo's there. Let me know if it works. I'll try to figure this thing out. Leonard
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    Another use for a viper motor

    Thanks for the good words. We didn't even get best motor. An all chrome 4.6 ford motor got the award. They were supposed to judge on engineering but I think they just counted chrome pieces.
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    One more picture

    Sorry about the mispost. I will remember for the next time. The car is not too loud. Those are actually 3" stainless mufflers welded to the headers. We tried straight pipes but it would not run without some back pressure. Sounds very healthy though. Have not weighed the car yet either...
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    One more picture

    Here is one of the complete car. We did change the radiator paint to match the car.
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    Another use for a viper motor

    I just returned from the Grand National Roadster Show where I entered my 32 with the viper motor that Dan from DC Performance posted about several months ago. We didn't win but the car that did win cost over $1 million. I plan to drive mine and built it that way. If you are looking for a...
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    Poll coupe.

    I saw it in LA. It is a nice car but not different enough to make me buy one. If I didn't own a viper at all I would be tempted but it did not have the WOW factor difference like the 96GTS had compared to the RT10. I vote a jaded indifference
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    Re: VIPER OVERHEATS! ANYONE ELSE HAVE OVERHEATING PROBLEMS? HOW TO FIX? Have your waterpump checked. I remember this year had a problem with the impeller.
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    Viper invasion of Crystal Cove...

    What time is everyone showing up for Crystal Cove this week?
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    Is there a secret to getting GTS decorative gas cap off?

    I changed mine some years ago and there is not secret once you get the allen screws out. It may be that it is stuck to the filler hose like the water hoses do. I remember using some WD-40 and then rocking it back and forth to break it loose. Hope that helps.
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    Engine cuts out.

    I don't know if the 95's are the same but my 2003 had the same problem and it was the crankshaft position sensor. Mine did it when I reached a certain RPM but same type of symptoms.
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    Hi-Flow Cats and Smog Check II

    Not sure where PRK is but I am in Los Angeles county and I had the high flow cats on my 96gts from Random Technology and had no problem passing. Car was just as clean as with stock cats.
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    Trade Red Calipers for Blacks

    I wasn't the one you spoke to but I have a set of black calipers from my 2003. I just had them replaced with the red ones. They have about 2500 miles on them. If you are interested I would trade. They are at DC Performance right now. Let me know. You can send me a PM. Leonard
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    Running rough

    I would check spark plugs, plug wires, and even the coil packs as these sometimes go bad. I had one go bad but it only made a high rpm miss. Does it go away when you give the car some throttle?
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    DC Performance Blower Install

    Thanks. Now I have to learn to drive all over again. I don't know how you guys with the 1000+ hp manage those cars. Mine gets loose in every gear over 4000rpm unless I just squeeze the throttle. Too much fun.
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    DC Performance Blower Install

    You can get better info from Dan but they used two GSL 392 pumps and a voltage booster for the intake pump plus a few other mods. I can't believe how smooth the car is. Good luck on your install. Well worth the investment.
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    SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004

    Re: SoCal - Irvine, CA: Saleen Car Show Sept 18th, 2004 Ron has an SRT too now. I will do my best to get us both down there.
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    Car will not start..

    Check your owners manual for the fuel pump fuse location. I don't remember where it is on the 2000.
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    DC Performance Blower Install

    Thanks but I doubt the tires will last long. I have the perelli 345x20x20 and they go up in smoke with the slightest provocation. I may go back to the 17" or 18" to get some stickier tires. Right now I am running the HRE 546R. Beautiful rim but not much tire choice. Lifedncc06, please ask...