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    Future proud owner is looking for a GTS

    Tony, I'm in south Fort Worth. If your son ever wants to go for a ride in a Viper just let me know!
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    Finally got my dream car!

    That is an AWESOME story! Maybe I'll be in a position to do the same when they inevitably release another version of the Viper.
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    Finally got my dream car!

    You better believe I did! That and original Gran Turismo. I still remember the magazine advertisements for GT with the car covered by a sliver car cover. And my favorite car in all of them.....the Viper.
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    Finally got my dream car!

    Started out as a kid drooling over these cars. I'll never forget my first ride in a '94 RT/10. I was certainly hooked after that. Up until a week ago, I had continuously owned a Mustang since I was 13 (now 37). I saw the ad for this car pop up and knew I had to have it. I would have much...