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    Upgrade Help.... or am i on the right track????

    Hello All, Just wanted to get a little help or to see if im on the right track. I have an 03 Vert. Supercharged... Currently on the Car is is the Paxton Kit with Bellenger Headers and Single Cat exhaust . I dynoed the car about a month ago and the car made 697hp to the wheel on a dyno...
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    Taking Some Nice Pics Using the iPhone / Not bad for an iPhone!!

    I was at a Car show the other day and decided to play around a little more with my iphone and try to take some Pics with the phone an was able to edit this right on the phone as well. I think they came out pretty good. what do you guys think!!! Sorry for the pics being small.. I don't know...
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    New Pics- 03 Supercharged Black & White Beast!!!!

    I Just wanted to post some New Pics of my 03 Vert Supercharged - Wrapped in Matte White
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    My black & white supercharged beauty!!!!!

    Hey Wuzup everybody, Just wanted to upload some pics of my Newly Made over Vert!!! She is an 03 Vert. i had her Wrapped in Matte White and kept the gloss black down the middle. I also had the Stock Rims Dipped in Gloss Black ( did the dipping. She is Lowered with Eibach...