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    Just picked up 03 convertible with the factory side exhaust . Would like to make the car louder. Was at mechanic today and he suggested removing the stock mufflers. Car would still have 2 cats per side for back pressure. Anyone gone this route to “louden” it up? I did search the forum and I...
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    2003 srt speedo reading incorrectly

    just purchased a 2003 SRT. I noticed when driving it home speedometer said I was doing 80 whereas my handheld GPS said I was doing 75. I’ve tested the handheld GPS in other vehicles and always found it to be accurate. Any ideas what could be causing this? Any idea of how I could have it...
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    Gear swap gen3

    Interested in swapping stock gear to 355. Anybody have an idea of what estimates I should be getting for this as far as cost? One shop quoted 16 hours . Is there somewhere to buy a center section on the aftermarket because it seems that may pay for it just the savings of labor because I think...