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  1. 72hemi

    Normandin Chrysler Mopar Car Show and BBQ

    It's that time again for the Normandin Chrysler car show and BBQ in San Jose California. This year we are trying something new with online registration. To register for the event click on the following link. Hope to see you there...
  2. 72hemi

    Gen 2 Valve cover differences?

    Ok so what is the difference between the 96-99 valve covers and the 2000-2002 valve covers? The part numbers are essentially the same with the only difference being the last digit changes from a "B" to a "C"
  3. 72hemi

    limited edition gen V development book

    Head over to and check out Maurice's new book!
  4. 72hemi

    2001 GTS Passenger Headlight Problem

    I am having an issue with my passenger headlight. It went out so I decided it was a good time to install a set of PIAA's. When I installed them the drivers bulb turned right on, but it took the passenger side a few seconds to turn on. Now the passenger headlight is out again I found out this...
  5. 72hemi

    Shelby Viper Print question

    I got this print yesterday that has the Shelby 96 RT/10 on it. It is title "Shelby's Viper Unveiled" This one is serial number 723/925 It is signed up Lee R Corsack and dated 8/95. Any information people have on it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 72hemi

    Key Fob Alarm Issue

    So this is the second time this has happened to me, but this time the problem hasn't corrected itself and I am not sure what the problem is. So yesterday I went out to my 2001 Viper GTS Coupe ACR and clicked the unlock button and nothing happened. I tried several times but nothing ever happened...
  7. 72hemi

    Normandin Chrysler Car Show and BBQ

    This is a great event, that you don't want to miss. Space is limited to sign up early.
  8. 72hemi

    ALMS race at Laguna Seca who's that going?

    Well it seems a fair amount of VCA members are planning on attending the ALMS race at Laguna Seca this coming Saturday (May 12), so who's that going? We should meet up. I am planning on driving down from the South Bay Saturday morning and arriving at the track when it opens at 7 am.
  9. 72hemi

    Mopar Alley Car Show June 3rd Fremont

    Mopar Alley is having their 22nd annual all Mopar car show at Ohlone College in Fremont on Sunday June 3rd. I know there are at least 4 VCA members already planning on attending I think we can do better and get at least 12. Download the registration form at
  10. 72hemi

    Thermal shield for cats looking for dimensions

    Ok so I am looking at installing some thermal shields on my catalytic converters and was wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of the stock cats on a gen 2 coupe and if anyone has used this product from Thermo-Tec? Being that this product is 24 inches by 40 inches I think one would be enough...
  11. 72hemi

    To bring my Viper or not

    Alright so for those that have not taken their Viper to VOI, I am looking for your input. My current plan is to bring my Viper, but being that I will have to travel across the country I need to weigh all my options which are to drive my Viper or leave the Viper at home and fly (shipping the...
  12. 72hemi

    VOI website up and running!

    I just checked the website to see if it was up and it is! Now how long for all the VOI12 information to replace the VOI11 information that is on the website?
  13. 72hemi

    Check out what I just got!

    I managed to pick up a light up GTS! And it was still in the original packaging!
  14. 72hemi

    Engine Cross Brace?

    So after watching the Gen V reveal and listening about how the engine cross brace really helped stiffen the frame it got me thinking I know the GTS-R race cars had a cross brace over the engine but does anyone offer a cross brace for the Gen 2 coupes?
  15. 72hemi

    Picture from NY

    I received this picture from Maurice Liang. It is the Hotwheels car of the new Viper under a silk cover at the SRT booth.
  16. 72hemi

    Weird thing my alarm did today, looking for opinions

    Ok so today I go out to my Viper and my clicker won't unlock the car. So my first thought the battery in the clicker is dead. So I go grab my other 2 clickers to try them and neither one of them work! So I am a little worried at this point, so I open the rear hatch with the key (expecting the...
  17. 72hemi

    GTS Coupe Water leak

    Ok I thought the reason the carpet in my Viper was getting wet in the rain was do to the doors leaking, which some of the leak was there which I have solved. However my passenger floor is still getting wet and it looks like it may be coming from the firewall somewhere. Anyone know where the...
  18. 72hemi

    Laguna Seca Track Day

    We have been invited to join the So Cal VCA at Laguna Seca for a track event with Speed Ventures. The So Cal VCA is coming into Monterey on Thursday evening and running on Friday June 29th and Saturday June 30th. You are welcome to sign up for either or both days, or if you really want to get...
  19. 72hemi

    Track Event at Infineon Raceway

    The Nor Cal Region is doing a track event at Infineon Raceway and we would like to invite you to join us. Details located in the Nor Cal Region Forums, linked below.
  20. 72hemi

    Track Event at Infineon Raceway

    The Nor Cal Region is doing a track event at Infineon Raceway and we would like to invite you to join us. Details located in the Nor Cal Region Forums, linked below.
  21. 72hemi

    Track Event at Infineon Raceway

    The Nor Cal Region is doing a track event at Infineon Raceway and we would like to invite you to join us. Details located in the Nor Cal Region Forums, linked below.
  22. 72hemi

    Track Event at Infineon Raceway

    Once again we have set up a track event with Hooked on Driving! This time we will be attending one of their events at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma on Thursday May 17th. If you weren’t able to make the track event last September at Thunderhill make sure you attend this one as they are a lot of fun...
  23. 72hemi

    Roe Racing Cats

    Before anyone tells me to use the search engine, I did that and didn't find what I wanted to know. So my question is for those of you who are running Roe Racing cats (specifically on GTS Coupes, if that makes a difference) how do you like them, how long have you had them on your car, how many...
  24. 72hemi

    So who's going to VOI and how are you planning on getting there?

    Now that VOI 12 has been announced to be in Charlotte NC September 27-30 the next question is who from the Nor Cal region is going and how are you getting there (driving, flying with shipping car, flying without shipping car, etc.)? For the record Nikki and I are going to drive the ACR back and...
  25. 72hemi

    Fog Light Brake Ducts

    Anyone ever use these?