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    One more picture

    Here is one of the complete car. We did change the radiator paint to match the car.
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    Another use for a viper motor

    I just returned from the Grand National Roadster Show where I entered my 32 with the viper motor that Dan from DC Performance posted about several months ago. We didn't win but the car that did win cost over $1 million. I plan to drive mine and built it that way. If you are looking for a...
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    DC Performance Blower Install

    I just got back my 96GTS from DC Performance and I can not praise them enough for the job they did. Car not only runs spectacular but the install was very very well done. All the right heat shields and upgrades necessary to make the car run like a bat out of He** and yet very very smooth both...
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    Electrical Gremlins back

    I have a 2003 SRT10 and am very happy with the car except for a few things. Several months back I had the Recall done for the flickering headlights and the hesitation in the acceleration. That seemed to have taken care of the problem until last night. I was driving home and it was time to...
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    Gen 2 valve covers

    Looking for a set of valve covers for a gen 2 motor. Appearance is unimportant as they will be hidden but they must not be warped or cracked. Please PM me if you have a set and what you want for them. Thanks, Leonard
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    K&N Filter system

    I just returned from K&N for installation of their new filter system on my 2003 SRT10. System is very clean and goes inside of the current airbox so there are no filters hanging out in the heat and no water problems. Actually if you did not know the system was different you probably would...
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    Viper motor dress up

    I am in the process of installing a 2001 viper motor and trans in a 1932 ford roadster. I will be removing the a/c, p/s and just using the waterpump and alternator on the front of the motor. In any case I need to dress it up as the hood sides will be open. I have seen some polished valve...
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    Touring the Rocky mountains

    The GTS would be great for that trip. I drove my 2001 GTS cross country late last year. I hit all kinds of weather and the car performed great. I even managed 20+ miles per gallon. Don't hesitate to take it. It was great fun.
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    Hood latch

    Anyone know how to open the hood on a 96GTS with a broken hood latch handle? Mine broke off today with the hood closed. Just had Dan Cragin go through the motor and need to change the oil. Thanks, Leonard
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    Color wet sanding

    I turned my 18 year old son loose on my 96GTS and it came out great. Paint looks smooth and all the fine scratches were gone. He has done a few other cars before so I knew he could handle it. You have to be very careful NOT to go through the clear coat which is especially hard on the curves...
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    Can someone with a GTS do me a favor...

    I have a 2001 and it is about 1". Hope that helps.
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    SEMA Show

    I have been out of town for a while and just wondered if anything was finalized for a get together at SEMA this year? I would like to attend if possible. Thanks, Leonard Knight
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    Viper as a road car

    Not to bore anyone to death but I just returned from a cross country trip in my yellow 2001 GTS. Total miles 5704 starting in California heading to upstate New York, down through Missouri and back across Highway 40. Had a great time. Car was very comfortable and I managed about 25 miles to the...
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    Corsa cat-backs

    I installed the Corsa system on my 2001 viper since I wanted to use it for trips and cruising. I like the sound a lot especially at idle and WOT. As you know the 2001 idles like a cadillac. Too smooth for my taste but I have a modified 96GTS when I want to have real fun. Anyway the Corsa...
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    Dan: Is Santa Monica Dodge closing for good? Are you opening up under another name? Hope its not true.
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    Braided Steel Brake Lines for ABS cars

    Thanks to Jon B's post a while back I just got my new steel braided brake lines from Stop Tech. They used my car as a tester since the bracketry and routing of the lines is different for ABS cars (2001 and later). I must say the feel of the brake pedal is much better. Since the car is new the...
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    I have a 2001 GTS and the new ABS brakes are a great improvement. However, now the warning light is on and won't go off. I tried disconnecting the battery to reset but that did not work. It did this once before when it was on the dyno and they applied the brakes when only the rear wheels were...