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    My Observations about VCA - This is NOT Good

    As a member of this club since it's inception in 1995, it pains me to read this thread. I've met many of my close friends in this club and I look forward to meeting many new ones. I believe a solution to some of the key issues raised in this and other threads is to formally split VPA off as a...
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    Surprised no one ever made 17" 5 spoke replicas in a larger size?

    Agree that the oiginal 1996-1997 wheels have a great look. ACRs are a nightmare to keep clean and the 18in wheels are too plain. 19s would be great. 1996 wheels are cast, but the 1997 wheels are forged and hold up on track. 19's would also better fill the wheel wells.
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    yes, minichamps also makes Le Mans cars.
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    This month's Sports Car Market has a good overview of the current values of Gen I RT/10s and the amazing value, performance to fun ratio and reliability compared to other sports cars. Who will drive up the price of these great cars are the kids that put up Viper posters on their bed room walls...
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    Here's a quick Bio of Spark. I believe Minichamps will distribute 1/43 scale versions of the SRT GTS-R race cars.
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    Most Vipers are not purchased as daily drivers. Porsches, NSXs and Vettes are more typically used as a primary vehicle, hence the higher mileage. I use a 911 every day, while my Viper and other sports cars are weekend warriors. The Viper is very reliable (I've had my RT/10 for 20 years.) Other...
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    Hey SRT/Ralph. Why are mostly Corvette cars pacing pro races?

    As said previously, pace cars are a profit business for the tracks. Manufacturers pay for the privilege to promote their vehicles.
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    Looking for a die-cast of 2013 Le Mans Vipers

    Spark and Minichamps usually create Le Mans race car models. I believe they are released in the Fall.
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    New Gen2 - GTSR Trap Door Oil Pans Available

    Do you need a special pick up for these pans or are they simple bolt ons with OEM pickup?
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    SRT Viper Book - Maurice Liang

    I received my leather bound book two weeks ago. Looks fantastic and has additional material compared to the standard hard back.
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    Le mans 24 Hrs 2013

    I pretend to call it work! Great to see the Viper's back on the track.
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    Le mans 24 Hrs 2013

    I'm going. James Taylor, Venom VCA NorCal and Hewlett Packard technical partner for both SRT Viper GTS-Rs
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    original GTS-R video footage

    Nadine, thanks for posting this great video. I was lucky to attend Le Mans in 1996 with the Viper Canaska Southwind team which placed 10th overall at that race. I'll also attend Le Mans this year with SRT team. So will Hewlett Packard which sponsored the Viper team in 1996 and returns as a...
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    Viper GTS-R qualifies 1st and 3rd in Long Beach

    The SRT Viper GTS-Rs qualified 1st and 3rd in class at Long Beach. Strong running for a young team. James Taylor SRT Viper GTS-R Team Sponsor 1992 RT/10 1996 GTS
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    I might start a war here but I'm gonna ask anyways...

    I've owned my RT/10 for 19 years and only used the top twice. I love driving the RT/10 on sunny days, but use my 1996 GTS when travelling overnight or have my wife with me. Luckily I have both, but would chose to keep the GTS if I was forced to sell one.
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    2013 OEM Viper Wheels Now IN STOCK! BBS and many more too...

    Very interested in Venom six spoke wheels for my 1996 GTS. What adaptations are necessary to fit them to a Gen II car?
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    That poster is often found on ebay
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    2014 Corvette

    This is the first Vette I would consider owning, primarily as a daily driver. I wouldn't consider a ZR1, although it is a fantastic car, since I rather have something less present on the streets- like a Viper. The issue with Vettes and 911s for me is they scale from base model to supercar...
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    Gen V vs Aventador vs LFA (engine revs)

    Gen 5 definitely sounds better than other gens, but it will not sound as good as a V12. For the money, the Viper rocks.
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    Looking for a Gen5 in norcal bay area?

    Paul Normandin runs a great dealership and is a fantastic Viper enthusiast in NorCal Bay Area
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    How To: Door Stanchion Removal (pictures)

    Got mine at Viper Parts of America
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    Updated 1996 GTS document

    Might be easier to post a link to a download site... Thanks for publishing a very useful document. James
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    Updated 1996 GTS document

    Might be easier to post a link to a download site... Thanks for publishing a very useful document. James
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    Automatic Viper?

    Remember that paddle shift can be used on both automatics and manual transmissions. My Aston Martin Vanquish S has a tremec manual with paddle shifts. It is exactly the same transmission as a Gen III Viper, but controlled via a hydraulic clutch. Originally, they were maligned since people tried...
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    Non horsepower upgrades that can help your viper experiance

    I've been thinking about the woodhouse engine and transmission mounts, mine are shot, but really don't want more vibration from the engine. Some say it settles down (or they get use to it) while others mention the added vibration doesn't really go away.