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    Injector dynamics ID1300

    How much hp do they support? How much new? The 69# injectors on my 800 crank hp are tapped out at 5800 rpm unless i switch to a boost reference regulator
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    Viper Registry Wiki

    I need to check my books and make sure I'm up-to-date
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    Looking for engine, 05 Ram SRT10

    If things work out i may have one to sell the end of September if you don't find one by then
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    Ram srt-10 stuff

    I have the sparks qc, i dont think they ever made a RC YF. I also have both pages of that brochure that i had printed on posterboard at cvs. Would like to find the actual brochure. i have a YF remote control truck but its kinda riced up with decals, new in box. Do i have your YF in my registry...
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    BCM won't communicate... cannot read DTCs from PCM either

    Dan Lesser @ Viper Specialty Performance would probably be a great help on electronics
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    Viper Exchange Help

    Yes, should have been TSB but TB was a thinking shortcut
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    Viper Exchange Help

    I meant to put a slash between the tb/warning test but yes, R28, although i thought their were 2 of them. So not sand, milling/hole drilling shavings/debris?
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    Cylinder sleeves help

    Email Todd at Or tony at Or justin at
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    Viper Exchange Help

    Did you check to see if the TB warning test was done before buying it? Some gen 5s have bearing problems due to sand left in block casting, or so ive heard
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    Ram srt-10 stuff

    Hi, looking for memorabilia associated with ram srt10, specifically anything Yellow Fever related or model/diecast - no transformer items
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    2nd Todd at in Murrieta
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    Vipers in L.V. or Henderson

    There is a viper club but i font know how to contact them as I'm the red headed step child with 2 ram srt10s. If your on fb look up expressos and exotics in summerlin. They have a sundsy morn informal gtg in front of the cheesecake factory restaurant once a month. Guy with a blue viper is Al...
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    ZF-8HP90 Transmission / V-10 Viper Engine

    I know Has been looking into making this happen for us ram srt-10 and other resto mods. I dont know the depth of the work yet or if someone stepped up to be the guinea pig. Ground clearance would be a major concern for the cars but if you have a...